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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, This is the first tint job I’ve had on this car. The price was cheap around $300 but I would rather have paid more for a better job. Is this acceptable? Driver side door has a scratch/tear. All windows have 15+ dust bubbles in clusters
  2. Hi, Looking for some tips re bubbles when installing security film. After install everyhting looks great. The next day however there are numerous bubbles. Some are small enough to burn off others are not. We have tried reducing the soap to next to nothing with limited succes but positioning the film is a challenge to put it mildly. We work it as hard as we can with some success but never 100%. We haev tried extended handles for more leverage etc. etc. Is there anyhting we are missing? Is it the soap? I heard about a "slime" slip solution. Woudl that help? ANy thoughtsor tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello. Please help and advice. The team Finished 9 days ago window tint with SunTek 8.5Mil ULV-DS 40 project in Chicago. We`ve already installed a lot of Suntek Safety & Security window film, and some water bubbles is fine and will completely disappear in 2-3 Months. We know that. When we left the project, the windows were completely fine, but when the team came back a week later for 995 application, we`ve noticed that bubbles on the picture. We had very similar with 3M Ultra S600 film, but the bubbles were visible from the start, and 3M replaced the film for us later. The weather in Chicago was fine, and interior temperature was above 65F. We`ve squeegee the film with Blue Max 4 times. I`ve read that its better to use an Orange Crush at least, but we never had an issue like that because of using a blue max. The water solution was - 2 drops of J&J Shampoo for 2 pints of water. The SunTek technician said that we dont squeegee enough the solution out, but he also said that this bubbles will go away, but it will take more time than usual. Around 3 months, and in June should look fine. Right now we will not do the 995 corning, and want to wait a month and see how it will look. Did someone have the same or similar? Please advice if that will disappear with a time. Thanks!
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