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  1. I'm a Sales and Film Tech here at Rayno Window Film's Distribution Center in Orange, CA. Just wanted to reach out to those that might be curious about some of the things we've got going on. I've been installing film for 31 years and have been around the block once or twice. I just can't be fooled by a cheap imitation. I personally was blown away by this product and suggest that anyone who cares at all about film performance, and/or their bottom line, should at least take a closer look at Rayno's Phantom. We're talking cutting edge, patented technology you won't find anywhere else. Feel free to contact me for sample roll. 714-771-3456-office, or text me anytime @ 949-201-6083.r more info and a free
  2. "It's the most wonderful time of the year" "Tis the season to be jolly" These are just a couple phrases that are commonly heard during this time of year. At SolarFX Window Films, we are very thankful for all of our loyal customers and all of the loyal Tint Dude members that have supported this forum. Since Christmas is known as the season of Giving, what better time to do another Giveaway as a "Thank You" for the awesome support we receive from everyone. This Giveaway will run from December 1st thru Midnight PST December 25th. As always, this thread is open to any and all Tint Dude members. Vendors are encouraged to participate in this thread but are not eligible to win. Every post in this thread will be one entry into this giveaway (back to back posts do not count). One post will be randomly drawn from all posts made during the giveaway on Monday December 26th when the winner will be announced. The more you post the greater your odds of winning. One randomly drawn member will win the following items: (2) 40"x100' Rolls of CarbonFX Color Stable Premium Lifetime Warranty film, winner selects VLT's. (3) Cans of 19oz SolarFX Foaming Glass Cleaner (6) Cans of SolarFX Tint Fuel Energy Drinks (1) SolarFX T-Shirt (1) Orca Rocket Can/Bottle cooler (1) Orca Cafe 20oz cup/mug to keep any beverage hot or cold Good luck to everyone participating and Feel the FX! Shawn
  3. Hey guys how are you all doing tonight. Just had a few questions for yah and see if I can get some input. Been browsing around all day and just haven't found the answer I'm looking for yet. I recently just got in the Biz & so far got my tint tool setup & ordered film. The tint tool setup I'm pretty confident in, the film, I'm not so sure. I've all ready called my SunTek rep two times changing my order up because while honestly I'm not so sure what's the best investment for me to do. So if you can bare with me for a moment and give me your opinion I'll bring you to wear I'm at. Before step 1 of 1. Called SunTek basically told me who only sell to business owners Before step 1. Next day got a business license & LLC, setup EIN # to specific business. Called got fucked around for a few days, faxed all info, yatayata. 1. Today I was like fuck it those mfrs havent responded back to me it's either I order today or I'm going with a different brand. Called and ordered a roll of Carbon 60x100 18% and %30 Successfully, Surprised, and a little indecisive because I didn't expect a "Okay Sir, What would you like to order?" 2. Within 5 minutes called back to change order to a roll of Carbon 60x100 6% and 18% 3. Called to bother the young lady one more time about getting my two rolls of 60x100 pre cut to 36x24. 4. All day contemplated if I should have gone with CXP, if the carbon will turn purple, am I idiot (okay last part I was just kidding) but anyways. Whats your opinion on CXP, or Carbon. Is the combination of 6% and 18% a good choice? Will my carbon turn purple or are people just tripping? Is the 36x24 a good idea or am I going to slap myself in the face when I measure a back window or windshield and its over 36? I payed a lot more then I expected with the SunTek Carbon so at this point I'm just wondering if it was worth it to go the extra mile & get the CXP or should I just stick with the carbon stfu and start pressing bubbles. There is a blue max in that fusion handle, the Triumph blades are on there way, and I did get a nice little stainless steel toolbox & heat gun to go with the setup. Thanks, if you respond I would truly appreciate it, the decision will haunt me all night & interfere with my piece of mind till I can get some confidence from my choices so yes, by posting I would appreciate it, if this is the wrong section well, I'm new but you all ready knew that.
  4. Hey everyone, We just received our production samples of the new wall displays. All 7 series of film will be available. 18"X32" w/customizable glass panel for you to mount the VLT's you use. These things are awesome! SolarFX Window Films 800-825-3746