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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys hope all is well, I’ll get right to it, whenever I’m finishing up a panels I always have trouble getting the edges down, what do you guys think is the problem?
  2. Looking for an experienced PPF installer in or able to come work in Dallas Ft Worth TX area. Brand new location. Flexible hours. Very lucrative pay. Text or call, 940-703-8301
  3. Hey everyone, had a lot of prior luck reading this forum and wanted to get your advice on a recent PPF install on my 2020 Q50 Sport. I used an independent shop that I was given a referral to from an Infiniti dealer in my hometown. Looked up all of the guy's work and it looked great. He had pictures on his instagram working on cars from all foreign dealerships in the area, and other cars such as McLaren Sennas, LaFerrari'ys, Aventadors, etc. So I figured he was the best to go for the install. He charged me $1000 (cash) for a partial hood, front bumper, mirror caps, etc..which was more than the other quotes I received, but I always figured that the premium may be worth it in this case. The car has only about 4500 miles and did have some noticeable rock chips and scratches from daily driving, which he pointed out would be there. He also went through and explained everything with other smaller knicks and scratches to make sure I understood that technically it would be a "used" install. I received the car about two weeks ago and it really hasn't been to my standards. I had to go back twice so far to have corners shaved off, untucked pieces cut down, and other small fixes which I find to be pretty unreal for the price. This has made me notice cut marks in the paint that I can say for certain were not there prior to install. I am scheduled to have ceramic pro done from him next week and tried to look past some of the previous fixes that should've never needed to be done if it was properly installed, but after searching through the forum I think that more needs to be done. I attached pictures if anyone can give me their thoughts. Looks to be a ton of dust bubbles that are sticking out which he said were previous rock chips, even though they move around when trying to release the air with a needle. He also said it is impossible to get it "perfect" due to human error, which I understand, but there are a ton of areas that don't look to have enough coverage. He used a pre-cut kit for everything but the hood from SunTek. I am not sure what to do since I've tried to be very understanding since his reputation was very good, but I don't agree with how this was done and how many times I have to go back to have fixes to the film from a "professional". Would it be best to ask for a refund? Not sure if that is possible or if I would even feel comfortable having it redone. Thanks in advance!
  4. We are Now Hiring Automotive window tinter for super Busy location! - Guaranteed work every day - Full health Benefits Experience is a must , as we dont have time to train from start. - if know how to do clear bra a Big Plus as we also do that On every Car Window tint two windows and More Full car and More Guaranteed volume every single day biweekly paycheck WE OFFER BENEFITS Positions Filling up quickly Send your resume with a phone Number or call Anthony at: +1 (512) 429-1520 *Estamos contratando instalador de window tint para locación super ocupada El trabajo es garantizado diario, necesitas tener experiencia no tenemos tiempo de entrenar. *Se ofrecen beneficios medicos 2 ventanas Carro completo Tenemos volumen garantizado! Y si sabe hacer clear bra mejor! SE OFRECEN BENEFICIOS Llamar a Anthony a: +1 (512) 429-1520 Y mandar su telefono en la Aplicacion KIA SOUTH AUSTIN Location Austin tx This is a Great position with great Benefits
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