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Found 7 results

  1. Where do you buy good quality tint from? I bought a small batch of quality made ceramic on eBay but I need more options. Where do you guys get your tint from? They don’t have many options of percentages. thanks in advanced
  2. Update: Thank you to all those who applied - This position is now closed! We are a fast pace and fast growing company looking to hire a Window Tint Installer to help expand our Window Tinting division. We are looking for someone who has experience in this field of at least 1-2 years. You must be able to install a full vehicle window tint, and must be handy with trimming as well. WE DO NOT & WILL NOT PROVIDE TRAINING! An installation demo is required to determine qualifications and employment. We focus and cater to high-end luxury and exotic vehicles at high volumes and offer a full range of automotive car care products and services. Compensation is dependent on experience but is negotiable. First month relocation expenses paid. This is a stable and secure long-term full-time position with opportunities for career growth. Rhino Films & Detailing has been established for over a decade and continuously growing. Come be apart of OC's number 1 car care center! Please send in resumes with work experience. If interested, we will contact you to set up an installation demonstration interview. Rhino Films & Detailing 7402 Mountjoy Drive Suite B Huntington Beach, CA 92648 CONTACT: LUIS - Website: Facebook: Instagram:
  3. Hello. Please help and advice. The team Finished 9 days ago window tint with SunTek 8.5Mil ULV-DS 40 project in Chicago. We`ve already installed a lot of Suntek Safety & Security window film, and some water bubbles is fine and will completely disappear in 2-3 Months. We know that. When we left the project, the windows were completely fine, but when the team came back a week later for 995 application, we`ve noticed that bubbles on the picture. We had very similar with 3M Ultra S600 film, but the bubbles were visible from the start, and 3M replaced the film for us later. The weather in Chicago was fine, and interior temperature was above 65F. We`ve squeegee the film with Blue Max 4 times. I`ve read that its better to use an Orange Crush at least, but we never had an issue like that because of using a blue max. The water solution was - 2 drops of J&J Shampoo for 2 pints of water. The SunTek technician said that we dont squeegee enough the solution out, but he also said that this bubbles will go away, but it will take more time than usual. Around 3 months, and in June should look fine. Right now we will not do the 995 corning, and want to wait a month and see how it will look. Did someone have the same or similar? Please advice if that will disappear with a time. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys not sure if this is the right place to put this topic in but hi 👋🏼, so I’m looking at gettin my 2018 Elantra re tinted. Acquired the car about 3 months ago, from what it looks like it did have tint all around some light shade type because there is glue residue on the front two windows where it ticks into the top rubber seal strip. I’ve gotten some quotes from different people couple of them are mobile tinters and the rest have small shops. I’ll list them below. Closest tinter to me quoted me $250 in Avery Dennison film nano ceramic. Couldn’t really find much info on that film on here. Is it good? next shop quoted me $190 in maxpro carbon series I’ve read up on it and looks like the reviews for for are 50/50 good and not so good. a mobile tinter uses global but not sure which line of global film but the fact that he’ll come to me and do it for $200 flat is nice. And lastly this shop uses Johnson window films and he’s at the same $250 price. I’m in SoCal and the summers are brutal and leather interior isn’t fun 😅 guess what I’m asking to not drag this on much longer is which would be the best choice as far as brand wise on the films I’ve listed thanks for any feedback
  5. In business for over 30 years in South Jersey, our busy shop is looking to add experienced, professional car window tinters to our team. Work in a clean facility with a great clientele. Films and tools are on site. We offer top pay, bonus incentives, and a signing bonus! Must have a minimum of two years experience in auto window tinting and PPF, customer service skills, plotter/computer cutting, and able to produce quality, time efficient jobs. Looking for a professional that pays close attention to detail and takes pride in their work. Must have a valid driver’s license. Join our professionals now, by emailing to set up an interview. We can’t wait to have you aboard!
  6. Another member wrote a post for window tint tips so for all you expert installers what is your best tip ?
  7. Hey guys how are you all doing tonight. Just had a few questions for yah and see if I can get some input. Been browsing around all day and just haven't found the answer I'm looking for yet. I recently just got in the Biz & so far got my tint tool setup & ordered film. The tint tool setup I'm pretty confident in, the film, I'm not so sure. I've all ready called my SunTek rep two times changing my order up because while honestly I'm not so sure what's the best investment for me to do. So if you can bare with me for a moment and give me your opinion I'll bring you to wear I'm at. Before step 1 of 1. Called SunTek basically told me who only sell to business owners Before step 1. Next day got a business license & LLC, setup EIN # to specific business. Called got fucked around for a few days, faxed all info, yatayata. 1. Today I was like fuck it those mfrs havent responded back to me it's either I order today or I'm going with a different brand. Called and ordered a roll of Carbon 60x100 18% and %30 Successfully, Surprised, and a little indecisive because I didn't expect a "Okay Sir, What would you like to order?" 2. Within 5 minutes called back to change order to a roll of Carbon 60x100 6% and 18% 3. Called to bother the young lady one more time about getting my two rolls of 60x100 pre cut to 36x24. 4. All day contemplated if I should have gone with CXP, if the carbon will turn purple, am I idiot (okay last part I was just kidding) but anyways. Whats your opinion on CXP, or Carbon. Is the combination of 6% and 18% a good choice? Will my carbon turn purple or are people just tripping? Is the 36x24 a good idea or am I going to slap myself in the face when I measure a back window or windshield and its over 36? I payed a lot more then I expected with the SunTek Carbon so at this point I'm just wondering if it was worth it to go the extra mile & get the CXP or should I just stick with the carbon stfu and start pressing bubbles. There is a blue max in that fusion handle, the Triumph blades are on there way, and I did get a nice little stainless steel toolbox & heat gun to go with the setup. Thanks, if you respond I would truly appreciate it, the decision will haunt me all night & interfere with my piece of mind till I can get some confidence from my choices so yes, by posting I would appreciate it, if this is the wrong section well, I'm new but you all ready knew that.