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Found 2 results

  1. Hey every one lately we’ve been having an issue with windshield tint getting scratched before install while shrinking the windshield. I.E. 2019 f250 with 350 mile windshield is power washed, soaped and washed off then wiped down and squeegeed. There is a scratch on the inside of tint once installed even when we didn’t squeegee vertically installing it. any help would be appreciated! Johnson marathon and IR film
  2. I know this won't be an issue for a few years, and I can tint all the windscreens I want to my heart's content, but new Ontario vehicle inspection standards on vehicles manufactured on or after January 1st 2017 have it so that vehicles with any aftermarket tint applied to the front windscreen will be rejected. So... Tint it, or don't tint it? Strip it, or don't strip it? Installation solution is one thing, but for some removal jobs you need a good amount of fluid. I'm perhaps too honest with customers, and will inform them that when they sell their vehicle they will need to remove the tint. Makes it hard to sell, but at least we don't lose the public's trust. At the same time do I tell them that I will not remove it when it comes time to inspect? What do you folks think? Worth the risk?