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What is going on??!!

Guest Stiptrip

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Guest Stiptrip

Shall I assume that no English Installers have read this or.......

If you have, you are just rude gits??!!!

It was just a conversational question...........

A reply from over the water would do, or don't you guys respond to Limeys!!!!!


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Guest Tint Wiz

Hi stiptrip my mate who I used to work with says flat glass is slow at the moment over here, cars are not to bad got a bit of work booked in :poop

if you can do autos and flat glass that is not to bad ,iam trying to get more flat glass work if the law on cars gets to much :eyebrows

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Guest Radman

Hey, we just opend shope about 4 months ago and flat glass is scary slow. I think its because builders and archatects(sp) do not know the differances between low-E and tint. People think that low is better but it is not all around. for more info on the differances check out the IWFA flat glass education guide and buy a couple of them. Hopes this helps and if anyone has any recomedations on how to pick up more buisness im all ears. :lol

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