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Here through an open forum, professional window tinters are able to make new contacts, have camaraderie and share experiences and information.

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Window Tinting - General Discussion
An open forum for the window tinting professional

Automotive - Makes and Models
Glass tinting information for specific types of cars.
64 sections devoted to individual makes and models.

   Plotters and Cutting Systems
Tint and vinyl graphics, plotters, sign making, etc.

Paint Protection Film
Clear bra/PPF film: where to buy, what to use etc.

Classifieds / Employment
Job/Help Wanted

What is window tinting?
 Window tinting refers to the process of applying a thin film to the surface of a window in order to reduce the amount of light or heat that passes through it. Window tinting is often used on the windows of buildings and vehicles, and it can have a variety of purposes, including reducing glare, improving privacy, and increasing energy efficiency. Window tinting films are typically made of a thin layer of polyester or other synthetic material, and they can be applied to the inside or outside of a window. The level of tinting can vary, with some films blocking a greater percentage of light or heat than others. Window tinting is typically applied by professionals using specialized tools and techniques. It is important to follow manufacturer's instructions and local laws and regulations when applying window tinting films.

 Window tint or film is constructed of one or more layers of polyester film darked or dyed with a variety of components to achieve different results. It is coated with an adhesive and generally applied to the inner surface of windows to reduce heat, light and improve aesthetics. Thicker versions are used as a safety film to help prevent injuries and to slow intruders.

 Having glass tinted can generally reduce the need for air conditioning and can pay for itself over time in residential and commercial applications. Many modern window films are able to achieve a great amount of heat reduction without as much visible light reduction compared to the window films of the past.

 Many commonly used tools and techniques in use today are direct results of this site. Become a member and join us on the forum. It has grown to include members from all over the world, from consumers with questions, to new tinters, seasoned veterans, industry representatives and innovators.

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      Johnson Window Films - Palisade. Anyone have experience with this film?

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