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Does anyone happen to know of any other window tint shows other than iwfa ones?

The next IWFA show is not untill september. I thought there was one by sema. But im not sure if that is even spelled right , so I cant find thier website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :thumb:nope:nope

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Guest metint

Well the IWFA mostly participates in shows like the rest of us... The IWFE, which was held in Ft Lauderdale recently is more a USG/ Film Ragazine function with a couple back ground sponsors like the IWFA.

Same goes for September... bet they (IWFA) have a co-sponsor...

SEMA is a whole different bucket of fish... they have one large show in the fall and 2, maybe 3 smaller shows in winter/spring.

Most shows I know of with film participants are targeting the consumer, not window film dealers.

Looking to peddle tools, eh McFly?

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