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  1. I think people like you are the reason rumors get started. I sell some films that are the same but some are different. I do not try to keep it a secret because if I did you would not know about it. I do not have any damn film on that site without a warranty. All of it is a lifetime warranty film with warranty cards. We never have had any warranty claims in almost 5 years of this company. Ever! All our prices are the SAME as Flexfilm if it is the SAME film. Last but not least, we have several companies to sell film just like Eastman has several companies to sell film like Llumar and Formulaone. They also have Suntek and others. It is ok for them to sell films under different names to penetrate the market on different levels but not us??? Not sure why you always seem to think you know it all? And why you are such a negative Nancy? I know you bought some bad film from Flexfilm when we first opened our doors back in 2011 when you were tinting cars on Craigslist for 79 dollars a car and we sold you ASWF and nexfil for about 100 dollars a roll but you have got to let it go man. You have been our number one hater. We both have moved on and we both are successful and learned from our mistakes. The only difference between me and you is I moved on and I do not try to destroy your business every chance I get. If I had time, I could go back on all your posts and make corrections like this but I really just do not have the energy or the time. So anyway... I will just let you come back with a witty comeback since you are half way intelligent and have a very tactful ability to articulate in a believable manner. I just decided to finally respond to you after all these years. Not sure why. I am just going to go back to my world now. Good luck with yours.
  2. I am the owner of Flexfilm. I honestly don't come to this forum much because I have found that I can check in once a year and catch up on everything in about 10 minutes. People often misunderstand our business model. I will be the first to admit that we have made probably more mistakes than anybody successful in this industry to date. With that being said... you have to ask why? We started in 2011 distributing carbon and ceramic when nobody even knew what it was. We had been involved with it several years prior to the beginning of Flexfilm. When we decided to distribute it, we knew we had a challenge! We also knew it was going to be the future but it was NOT ready for the USA market. Hell, this technology was not even NATIVE to the USA market. This film was superior in performance but sucked in user-friendliness. It also had a thick, low density acrylic mounting adhesive that made the film rubbery and easy to crease. The glue was not aggressive and would barely stick to glass. On a good day it would only last about 5 years. It was also sensitive to heat and would bubble on defrost lines in extreme climates. Hell, I could go on... We knew it was going to be a bumpy road trying to sell it but we also were trying to get professional tinters to tell us how it should be improved. We kept going back to the Nano polymer experts and sharing this information. Sometimes they would make improvements and sometimes the improvements would result in going backwards. I can keep going on about all the failures and successes for many more paragraphs but I will make my point. We have now been through 5 generations of this product and as of July 2019 we now have the best film in the world. We have grown from a 3 million dollar a year company to a 1 million dollar a month company. We were one of the first companies to introduce carbon and ceramic technologies in the USA market. We took the hit from all the tinters when we were trying to perfect it and now that we have improved the industry and advanced the technology... look at all the big name brand companies who have jumped on the band wagon and started selling it now that it is more acceptable in the industry. I make no apologies for accepting this challenge. I would go back and do it all over again to get to where we are as an industry. Thomas Edison actually failed over 1000 times before he invented the light bulb but that didn't stop him from giving up. I probably failed more than that but look where we are today! If anybody here wants to listen to old installers trying to tell you to look backwards to make a decision on trying the best film in the world maybe you should look at the iPhone when it was first launched as an iPOD that could not even make a phone call with no camera to decide if you want to buy an apple phone today. Also... one of our most popular films that we sell everyday is a private labeled product that has the best reputation in this forum. I read everyday where the most influential people in this forum speak badly of it and will turn around and praise it in another box. I would suggest you try it yourself instead of taking advice from people who do not and have not tried our generation 5 products. Also I just went back and read this post and want to make something clear... We knew this product was not user friendly but did not know how long it would last 10 years ago. We believed it would last 10 years back then. We now know it lasted on average 5 years. What I am referring to is our Generation , 1,2,3,and 4. Some of it has lasted 10 years and some did not. We also sold reboxed domestic dyed film prior to 2014 that would fail in less than two years. After 2014, we completely removed these products from our business but we still have people mention them as if we still sell them. I will say this... there are some popular brands on tint dude that sold the same film and had the same bad luck as we did but they changed their name and reboxed different/better film and have no scars. We NEVER changed our name. We still have the scars and never ran from the problems. We have paid tons of warranty claims. Any warranty claims that exist are from products that were prior to our current product and have been removed from our business forever.
  3. rvpjr


    That looks really nice. I could see myself wearing that. If you send me one, I will do a review on it on my YouTube channel and mail it back to help. I have over 17,000 subscribers. Just let me know.
  4. Ok. My bad. I guess everybody in the department got fired on their day off. Was that on a Friday?
  5. Chico in Columbus, Georgia has the coolest tint shop I have ever been to... what is your opinion and do you know anyone who has a cool tint shop?
  6. I heard that guy got fired on his day off and had to take early retirement. Lol
  7. I started in 1987 when I was 17 years old. I watched plenty of YouTube videos. Lol
  8. I actually tinted this back window in October, 1993. This was the 1994 firebird but it was the same back window. I promise I could do this window today at the age of 49 because of my experience and the window film technology.... but here I am at 23 years old.
  9. Here is a vintage video that may inspire you to build a cool heat box demonstration.