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  1. jayson3st

    2018 q7

    Hello I bottom load so im trying to get some info on how to get the sweeps out. Thank you. [emoji16]
  2. Hahaha hey thanks guys. Been a busy day. I like easy money. [emoji41]
  3. Hello I have someone that wants their old ass Lazer done and Im not looking forward to it. That back window looks like a pain. Any tips or tricks? Thanks
  4. jayson3st

    2014 c 300

    Alright I got it done and was pretty easy. To get the sweeps out of the front doors you have to take off the trim that goes over top of the door. Plus the little tweeter panel. Once you get the top trim off you'll see a little square pop rivet. Pull out the middle with needle nose pliers turn it 90 then push it back in then it will all come out. Once it's out use something pointy to push the middle out again. You'll have to turn it back 90 to put the whole square back in. Hopefully that all made sense. Now just pull back top of panel to get to the sweeps. On the rears all you have to do is pull top of doors back. Sorry if this was confusing. If you get one in you should understand a little better
  5. jayson3st

    2014 c 300

    Awesome thank you
  6. jayson3st

    2014 jaguar xf

    Awesome thank you I will post the info when I get this beast in
  7. jayson3st

    2014 c 300

    Thank you. But does anyone know how to get them out?
  8. jayson3st

    2014 c 300

    Hey hey just wondering easiest way to get the sweeps out of this 4 door? Thanks
  9. jayson3st

    2014 jaguar xf

    Never done a jaguar before. Anything I should be aware of? Plus I pull sweeps so do I have to pull whole door panel? Thanks
  10. Got it done just had to cut little tighter than normal
  11. jayson3st

    2015 jetta.

    Do I have to pull whole door panel to get sweeps out! And should I yank the rear deck? Thanks