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  1. cheers for that mate we will have a go at those few pointers. Thanks a lot for your info and help you are the only one so far to share any knowledge.
  2. Thanks Dano, yes we had another look at it yesterday and we got 3/4 of the glass good down the bottom, it is still that 2 - 300mm top section. We wondered if just heating it from the underside and trying to squeegee it out slowly without shrinking it mite help. It just does not like heat forming as its different angles all in one in the middle top. and when you try shrinking it on one side at the top it pulls the other side tight and off the glass. Its hard to explain until you are doing one aye. When you mention a horizontal stretch wet are you talking about tying to shrink it out to the sides or more of pinning it horizontally as there is so much extra film pockets it top middle as it sits really weird on the glass. Have you tinted any of these rear screens? almost looks harder out of the vehicle to shrink which sounds weird I know.... Thanks for your help man :-)
  3. We have a customer that has dropped off this massive curved rear screen. He said its from a Valiant and we are thinking maybe a 1970's VG Pacer, has pretty wicked curves horizontally and curves up at the top. Its kicking our arse trying to 1 piece this screen has anyone on here done a 1 piece if so how did you go about the shrink any help would be appreciated we may have to 2 piece it but it does not have any demisters on it to hide a line. Thanks for any help Peter
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