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  1. Only way I can get these first try is right when I pull film off the back glass my other guys has 2 heat guns on the glass focusing on bottom and edges. Work quick at the edges, good luck.
  2. Saw some posts about film guys doing window treatments and having bad service with their dealers. We have been doing window treatments and film for the past 36 years. We use Presidential Window Products and never had an issue. Sales Department 410-413-1320
  3. Experienced automotive, and or residential/commercial window tinter needed in Westminster, MD. Salary, health insurance included, will pay if relocation is needed. Very clean, A/C and heated shop. Very busy. Email: Phone: 443-605-4863 / 410-596-6412 Austin Simpson Simpson Tinting / Signals Defense
  4. They were trying to fake it bubbling so I would have to replace under warranty, and with a darker film, all for free
  5. I do at least 12 full windshields a week, and never had one come back for removal due to contamination. I am also a LLumar dealer and never had a vehicle come back due to bubbling. A customer got 20% on front two windows, and 50% on windshield. Customer kept calling and saying film was lighter then the 20% / 50% combo from previous shop. I metered film and registered spot on. I did not here back from customer for a couple of weeks, and then I recieved a picture saying the windshield was bubbling. I said to come in, and I will take a look. I got in the vehicle with customer standing there, and touched the bubbles. I've never seen bubbles like this before. They were not white, and there was no air underneath them. It looked almost like a gel of some sort got under the film. So I put a little more pressure on one with my finger nail, and it moved. I then told the customer they were not bubbles in the film, and it was on the outside of the film, as customer could clearly see. I got my microfiber and cleaned them all off. Long story short, the customer put their fingers in syrup and flicked them at the windshield so it would look like bubbles, because customer wanted the windshield redone darker. That's a new one to me!