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  1. What's the best Film, and why...?? Thank you
  2. Where is this film produced?? Global, Dragon???
  3. I plan on contacting them as well as others tomorrow, thanks for the feedback
  4. Dragon distributing, sounds scary....I will have to look it up. Bet they really battled it out over what picture to use for the company logo
  5. How is the quality of the film white hog sells?
  6. Thanks for the response. I'm officially out of retirement now since 06'. It is interesting to read up on everyone's different opinions on this forum. Heard great things about the QDP. I like whatever looks the best as far as color, Then of course, warranty to protect myself from the obvious. Not concerned at all about which film is the most convenient to install. I used to work for a shop that tried to sell 3M neutral on every vehicle for the price uplift because it was "the best for the heat" blah blah, a lot of them were new VW Beatles. I liked the way Llumar AT looked, don't like the price. I like the Nexfil Professional. Looks good, poor warranty...
  7. Feedback please, Nexfil Professional 1 ply??? Looks great but doesn't have a strong manufacturer warranty. I compare it to Llumar AT as far as the installation goes, and prefer the liner placement over Llumar. I have seen it hold up quality, furthest back install was June of 2013, still looks pretty damn good. Nexfil NR Premium???? I like it, has a lifetime manufacturer backed warranty. It looks good, easy to use. Only started installing it 2 months ago. I appreciate any feedback
  8. Any info or feedback from experience using this product or distributor would be appreciated, thanks...