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  1. Till now, I have chosen not to offer it. However, as I grow past being a one man shop, add on services become more appealing. I am just starting to realize the benefits from the months of training and $$$ I invested in my previously inexperienced installer and am looking further down the road. I often have customers asking if I can do this for them while I have their car for clear bra and I have had to refer them to a detail shop. I am set up to perform paint correction that is often needed to get the paint to the standard I am comfortable with just to apply film. Jake, I think you make a good pint about the crazy level of perfection achieved by some of the "coating people". While I am not interested in being that guy, perhaps a future employee could fill that need. Hopefully others will chime in here..... Work hand in hand with a detail shop? Or, become a PPF/Coating shop?
  2. Who offers the option of applying a ceramic coating for your customers cars while in your shop. If not why? If so, what product do you think is the best to combine with PPF.
  3. I have yet to install any of their film. I have seen both fresh and older installs that the local dealership has done.. Initial impressions of a fresh install are good (clear, flat, nice sheen). It just doesn't seem to weather well. It gets hazy and dull faster than I'm used to. It looks "cheap" real fast.
  4. Tintzeus, I use Xpel Ultimate. You have just described my course of action I will soon learn the outcome.
  5. I have a theory that the "weirdness" when looking through polarized glasses, is the affect of light passing through a variation of thickness of the material. During installation, when you have a finger in the film, you basically have to much film for the given area. when you convince that bugger to "conform to the space, you are compacting the excess film to fit in a smaller area. That section is now minutely thicker, and while most times unnoticeable to the naked eye, it becomes visible to one wearing polarized glasses. My theory could be applied to several other installation variations. Your thoughts? Rich
  6. Thanks for the replies... To be clear, it is not the body shop or the insurance company asking for Digishield (I truly think that they couldn't care less), it is the car owner telling the body shop what she wants. I will attempt talking her into a better film. It seems that She is very "sold" on Digishield, but I will see what I can do.
  7. Hi everyone. First time post, long time lurker here.... I have been in the PPF business for around 15 yrs. I started out with 3M, tried Venture, and for the last few years have been set up with Xpel's DAP as a certified install facility. I have a local body shop that sends me all their clear bra instals. One of their customer cars had been protected with Digishield material (full bumper, part hood/fenders). The customer damaged her car and now will need the film replaced after the repairs are complete. She is asking that Digishield be used to replace the original film. I have called Digishield to get some of their film and they seemed reluctant to deal with me. Their website seems to be geared only towards setting up accounts with Auto dealerships. I initially talked to whoever answered the phone and left a msg, for the rep for my area. Several days later this rep did return my call. I described what I was trying to accomplish and she seemed to not know how to make it happen. I sometimes get samples of film from other brands to try and thought that they also, would likely be willing to send a sample. Knowing that a normal length of sample material would not be enough I offered to purchase all or some of what I would need. She said she would have to talk to her manager........ Never heard back. Her response still strikes me as odd.... So, since I seem to have struck out with the manufacturer, is there anyone here that might have Digishield they would be willing to sell to me? Thanks,