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  2. I’ve been told it’s more noticeable with flourecent lighting and it looks like you’re right under it.. film is still good/usable right?
  3. I will definitely try that, thanks! I thought it was weird. Have been using these films for 3 years, never had this complain until now.
  4. Yup that’s exactly it, I don’t think it’s a defect because in the day the film has absolutely nothing wrong but at the night the “oil slick” is noticeable.. first time I get this complain
  5. I’m using a film from a company called PremiumGard. The client says the film looks to have different colors, cloudiness up close.. I’ve never had this problem before. Also, I tried installing different samples from Llumar, SolarGuard, Xsun in my home and noticed similar effects. Not sure what it is
  6. Installed some window film and it looks weird. The manufacturer told me it is a scratch-resistant coating? Anyone ever experience this?