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  1. @blackoutauto thank you, I appreciate it. Next chance I get I'm going to buy it. Hopefully it helps me get rid of those annoying moisture fingers.
  2. @Ryker oh! Got it, yeah I usually do tent to put a lot of slip so it won't dry on me quick, but I'm going to try to reduce it. See if that helps. Thank you though
  3. @blackoutauto I leave the seals in when I'm tinting. Any way that I can get rid of the moisture fingers while leaving the seals in?
  4. Can any one give me some advice on how to get rid of the moisture fingers that pop up inside once I've installed the film? or at least how to prevent them? i shrink the the film on the outside and all but they still seem to pop up. Please and Thank You. I'm using a film called Scytek Galaxy