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  1. I'm building a shop while my new shop is getting build. I'm storing my tint rolls that I'm not using in the warehouse that is not climate controlled. I live in Virginia where summer is humid as the rain forest and winters are cold as the north pole. How hot/cold can the tint rolls last in the warehouse before they are messed up. Or they will be fine?
  2. Do the whole door panels have to come off to remove the seals? Or can you take the one 10mm screw out the top behind latch and pull? I know the top of the panel sets in the channel of the seal.
  3. I myself tint out a shop in the backyard. I always tell my customers to drop off their vehicles because I don't have a waiting area for them. Ninety percent of them drop off the vehicles without a problem. Now that other ten percent just be all in the way. So, when they want to talk and ask questions I tend to mess up a lot and take longer than usually just cause they want to be a nuisance.
  4. Ryker had one it didn't hold up at all heat strink one BG and she was through
  5. I own of one these tools. I used it once and never used it again. I never could get it to work right for me.
  6. If you hand cutting make sure you break your blade tips. And, clean clean clean that is the most to remember. You just starting off remember quality over quantity.
  7. I try to use the microfiber cloth but was getting the same results. I started to wrap my hard card in a Scott's towel (blue paper towel) on my final pass and it cleaned the window up very well.
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