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  1. It’s right dead center between 2 lines and has no connection to either line and only becomes visible after the film dries out completely... global film
  2. Yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about
  3. I’m stumped as well!!! It’s a huge relief!!! I have spent too much time in the past working those things out !!!
  4. I have been tinting professionally for 16 years and never ran into this mystery before ...
  5. I’m familiar with the peanuts and I have solved that issue so I don’t get those anymore, it’s not on the defroster, it’s in between them... it almost looks like adhesive marks or like a small burn from over heating the tint but it’s neither of those either ... it was in the same spot on 3 diff pieces of film and can’t be felt or seen at all when there isn’t tint on the glass... I had my 2 other employees even look at it just to make sure I wasn’t goin crazy lol
  6. When the tint is off you can’t see them at all ... they r so weird
  7. Question... has anyone ran across a charger after tint it looks like dry spots in the film? I have stripped and retinted this window 3 times and the spots are still there in the same location ... so I know it’s not the film or my application... they r in the middle lower portion of the glass ... thank you in advance for any advice on this
  8. Hello!!! I’m new to this site... I find it very informational and I love it!!! I do have one thing to say and that is f@#% vw for these windows!!! I got them done but not before making up 46 new cuss words!!!