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  1. http://www.thetintsmith.com/ Sounds like a stand up guy. Suprisingly one of the few huper optik retailers and also have autobahn.
  2. Actually it was Luminex tinting. They seem to offer a great deal and would give me a free sunstrip for a review. Tint smith was offering colorstable for $240
  3. Hey all, Have a MK3 Focus 5 door hatchback. Im at ATL Trying to make a decision on carbon based tint for privacy and fair heat rejection. Making a decision between 3M Colorstable, Suntek CXP, Lumar ATC or Huper Optik Xtreme in terms of warranty, heat rejection, and privacy. Here are the prices 3M Color Stable- $240 All around+ $30 Windshield Strip Suntek CXP- $220 (Computer cut) All Around with free windshield strip for yelp/google review Lumar ATC- $200 All around + $20 windshield strip Huper Optik- $180 all around + $20 windshield strip Those Suntek CXP heat rejection specs do look appealing though...but Im kinda skeptical of the warranty after hearing researching some stories.