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  1. We really love Bodyfence. Finish is suburb. Tried a lot of other brands and in the end personal preference is a big factor. It seems to go well with our way of installation and solutions we use. In combination with gel the tack could be a bit to fast, It reacts on the slightest pressure, so keep in mind when positioning or stretching large pieces with only gel can get you marks. Use slip solution for those areas instead. That is the only downside of this film I would say, but once you are familiair with it, it is a great product. PS. In our test it did not came short on self healing vs other top brands.
  2. We use IR lamps all the time after the installation is complete. With complete I mean all edges down as the should be, and the car completely clean. No water drops / marks or gel residu should be on any part of the car or film. set the IR on a save distance @ 60degrees celcious 20 minutes is just fine. You will see the film respond in a really positive way. Also possible squeggee marks will dissapear. GL trying! Cheers,