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  1. I am finding the Pinnacle has a strong green hue in my car. Almost to much green for me. Does the Stratos have just a strong green hue?
  2. This i s the same car as I had my old tint on with the brake light cut out and no light gap.
  3. My back window has 30% Pinnacle and the tint shop did a great job. I requested they cut the back brake light out....personal preference. My old tint had the brake light cut out and there were no light gaps, but this one does have a light gap. It's annoying to me every time I look in my rear view mirror. I guess I need to get used to it. Should there be no light gap in the brake light cut(like the old tint job was) or am I being to picky?
  4. I got 30% Pinnacle on my front rolls up today. Maybe it's just in my head, but it feels like my old tint(not sure the brand it was) might of been a little darker. Does 30% Pinnacle equal 36% of other tint? Or is it even lighter?
  5. I got my 2013 Corolla tinted today with the 30% Pinnacle. The tint place did a excellent job. I chose the Pinnacle because I found the Stratos had a slightly more yellow hue and I wanted to stay away from brown/earth tones/bronze. I like my tint job alot, but I am having regrets about choosing 30% on the back window....which is my fault, of course. I wish I went with 20%. Besides the embarrassment, I don't mind paying to have the back tint removed and replaced with 20%. Would it strip the defogger lines off to remove a tint this new off the back window?
  6. I narrowed down my choices between the LLumar Pinnacle and the LLumar Stratos. When viewing them samples at the shop, it seems like the Stratos has slightly more clarity to it. Is this the case or is it just me?
  7. I live in Austin, TX where traffic is real bad. I would say I am in stop and go traffic 70% of the time I drive. Would the Pineccale be cooler than the Stratos for my situation since it is not double layered and will not absorb as much heat in stopped traffic?
  8. Oh wow, would the Johnsons InsulatIR and LLumar CTX also be heat absorbing films?
  9. I was in the tint shop comparing the Strato versus Pinnacle under the heat lamp and noticed quite a difference. But how does a heat lamp compare to the sun? Does the heat lamp have more IR than the sun? If so, about how much more?
  10. Oh.... that makes sense, thanks. I prefer a light tint at 35%. No one in town that sells LLumar does 35%. It was up between Johnson's InsulatIR, which does sell at 35%, and the Pinnacle at 30%. Curious, does Johnsons keep to the 35% accuracy or is their tint darker than on the box?
  11. I live in texas where the law states the front roll ups have to allow more than 25% light to come in. All tint places that I have known tint the front roll ups with 35%(with no exageration......dealerships included). With one exception, the two Llumar places I have found use 30% instead. Why do they take this risk? Is it because Llumar films(like Pinnacle) are lighter than most other films?
  12. I was trying to decide between the insulatir and the LLumar Pinnacle. I went to Custom Sounds(the only place that sells LLumar in Austin) and the display for the Pinnacle was really bad. I couldn't tell the color because it was this tiny sample in a box with a bright lamp behind it. I asked the sales guy if I could have a small scrap piece to get an idea on the color and he just kind of snubbed me like I was off the street or something. The place that sales the Insulatir in my city(Mothers tint) was friendly and was willing to give me a lot more information, so I think I might go with the Johnsons. mentioned that the Insulatir scratches easier than others. What about compared to the Pinnacle? Would they be about on the same level for scratch proof? My only real concern is when I take my car to the car wash and they wipe down the windows.
  13. Thanks! How would you describe the color of 35% looking from the inside? Thinking about wrapping my car in 35%
  14. Has anyone user Johnsons's Insulat IR tint? It looks pretty good...thinking about using it on my car. Any opinions on it?
  15. Oh. Are there any other tints out there on the Llumar Pinnacle quality level(or higher) that would have a non charcoal color?