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  1. Im reaching out today in hopes of getting some feedback regarding tint application and tips to gain more knowledge. I live in Texas and I've tinted a couple of my personal vehicles as well as a few friends just trying to get the hang of it so of course i don't charge anything.....ive always found window tinting to be pretty cool and its something that i actually enjoy doing as for most of you I'm sure do too but before i go and try to put my name out there i wanna make sure that my work is to the T. The vehicles that I've done have came out decent but could definitely be better, idk if its in my prepping or if I'm not shrinking the film correctly but sometimes i find myself fighting with bubbles or edges that dont wanna lay correctly for instance when i go to roll the window up or when I'm tucking the film into the seals..now there are times where ill be fairly impressed with the work, at least for a beginner. So yeah any tips or videos would be appreciated i look forward to this journey and glad to be apart of the tint family. Another thing is back glass 😧 ive done a few older trucks but as far as cars and dealing with defrost lines is something ive been avoiding.