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  1. It’s not the exterior windows they are having an issue with, It’s the interior office windows. The ladies sitting inside the office have (3) 3’x5’ windows that look into the smaller room. Because of the lighting situation the mirror effect is reversed. Meaning everyone waking into that small room can see into the office, but the staff can’t see out. I will say in our defense, we did this room at night time when the school was closed and all of the lights off except the small room we were working in so in those circumstances, the film worked great. With their current lighting situation, not so much.
  2. We recently did some window tinting for a school with 15% silver reflective film. They have a set of exterior facing windows/entryway doors that lead into a small room with a wall of office windows on one side and another set of windows/entryway doors that then lead into the school. The office staff have let us know that they cannot see into the small room and it’s a security risk. We told them that the lighting in that small room needs to be brighter than the office area that they are looking from in order to reverse the privacy quality of the film. I got an email from the school today saying they tried to make it brighter but they still can’t see 😩. Boss man (my husband lol) says just remove the film and move on but it was a rather large job that we spent a lot of time and materials on. I know it may come down to that but I’m up for suggestions before we just call it a loss. I know it’s an awful pic (google image) but these are the exterior windows. These lead into a smaller 14’x14’ room with a 5’ wall of windows to the left and another set of these windows/doors that lead into the school.
  3. Thanks for the input. We figured it had to be on the outside of the glass but we’re trying to cover all of our bases to keep the customer happy. I feel bad because it’s way more noticeable with the film applied but honestly it’s nothing we did. We’ve seen our share of acid rain, scratches, and pitting but this one had us stumped. He’s trying to be decent about it right now but I can feel an “ I want a refund” coming soon unfortunately 🙄
  4. We tinted a customers Silverado a few weeks ago and he came back the next day asking about streaks in his windows. The film wasn’t dry yet so we told him to contact us in a few days so we could see how it looked after the film cured. He came back about 2 weeks later, streaks still there. So we retinted the driver door to see if maybe there was an issue with our slip solution or the film. The streaks are still there. It looks like rain running down a window instead of droplets like acid rain. It’s not the film, we used two different shades on his doors. It’s not the solution from that day as we also tinted his Malibu afterwards and it’s cured with no issues. The streaks are noticeable on both the front doors and the back doors that we went over the factory tinting. We’ve never seen anything like it and not sure how to help him. Any ideas would be appreciated.