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  1. Thanks, it just shows me a lot of the dealers who told me 3M is the best are full of it and the General did poorly against the xpel. So at the end of the day I'm even more confused as a consumer.
  2. That is what the tint shop said but I also searched this forum and multiple people confirm it comes from Garware. I don't know I'm not a tint expeert just going off what I heard and saw on a older thread. Question still begs if they are the same why the delta in specs
  3. I'm trying to understand based on what a tint shop told me that Global is the same exact film as xpel. So i compared the specs of xpel prime XR plus and Global QDP ceramic and they don't match up at all in terms of specs. I understand they are independantly tested but how can they be that far off from each other. If you had to choose which would you choose and if it is all made by Garware and just branded with different names is QDP really xpel Prime XR and are the specs for xpel XR plus false? thanks
  4. Hi, a little intro, i'm not a pro but i have tinted a few windows in the past. I'm looking to update the film from the old dye film to something new for better IR and heat rejection. I checked on ebay and i don't think i can trust the source, could be fake film being passed off as real and the stuff on Amazon is just more or less the same stuff. Is there a good reliable source for buying film enough to do a car or two. I don' t want 100Ft roll. I'm looking for good film, does not have to be the best and most expensive, best bang for the buck film is good enough which is ceramic based. Any help is appreciated.