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  1. New to this forum, need some help comparing a few quotes for a 2020 Toyota Avalon. Got my Avalon mid November last year. It's a dark amber brown exterior and cognac leather interior, it's the original leather so need to get my car tinted as I live in Sacramento and the summers here get really hot. I can already feel my car getting hotter although it's not even Spring yet. Now coming to the tint options itself, I got a few quotes and was deciding between two of them. Hoping someone could suggest what's the best one to go with out of the options I have based on your experience. I am trying to seek as many opinions as possible to do my own research and finalize on one of them. The quotes are for both front and rear windows. Option 1: GeoShield Ceramic - $500 Option 2: American Standard Window Film(Ceramic) - $400 Option 3: Vortex Solar Guard - $600 Please let me know what you think of the above quotes and which one you think is the best one to go with.