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  1. Thanks. My preferred installer primarily uses Suntek (but has access to other films) and I've been happy with the performance and look of the Suntek Carbon on my car. The primary issue is that the Suntek is a completely different color than the factory Kona rear glass. My understanding was that the CXP is very similar in color to the Carbon, so I'm thinking it would have the same issue. Does anyone have experience with Huper's current lineup (Autobahn)? I believe my shop installs their film as well, along with Llumar and potentially some others. Was hoping something, probably dyed, would be closer the grey/black look of the factory glass.
  2. We'll be tinting my wife's Kona EV next month and trying to find a film that somewhat matches the factory rear glass (fully aware a perfect match is impossible). Already determined that a 35% film on the front glass will meter almost exactly at what the rears do. Any suggestions on a film that has a color closer to the pure grey of the Kona's glass (on the right)? For comparison, my car is on the left with 35% Suntek Carbon. Both windows are against an identical white background.
  3. Not sure if you're located where it freezes/snows, but those look to me like they could have been caused by an ice scraper.
  4. Most quality films will block 98-99% of UV regardless of the VLT (darkness) level. Just choose a shade you're comfortable with, installed by an reputable shop, and you'll be fine.
  5. Just curious if there are any tint-safe options out there for lubricating vertical window tracks/seals/channels in cases where they're causing excessive drag on the motors. I've seen silicone spray as well as dry teflon used on untinted windows, but obviously don't want to risk affecting the film adhesive.
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