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  1. Local shop has done multiple vehicles for me with regular tint and have turned out good. They had a Polaris Ranger on display that they tinted with ceramic tint. I looked it over real close and it was done very well. I decided to pay extra for ceramic tint for $600 total. My Polaris is brand new and had less than 100 miles on it so it was very clean. When I went to pick it up I noticed the rear window seal was not reinstalled properly and all twisted up. I also noticed a large spec of dirt on the driver's window under the tint. I noticed this before paying and was told to go ahead and pay and they would 100% warranty it. I told the person at the desk that I wasn't pleased with either so the tinter/owner came from the shop. He was very irritated about back window and said the window pops out super easy and fixed it. I had only had the machine for a week so I had no clue how easy it was, but my point is if you take it out to tint the reinstall it properly. He was defensive on speck of dirt and said the speck on the driver's window was because the glass was filthy and that when tinting Ranger's that dirt constantly falls out of the window seals and under the film. My machine is brand new... I said it looked like floating shop dust. He said shop doors are never open, but another person said they get opened and I've seen them opened even on super windy days. I was told to wait a week and see if the dirt spot disappeared. In the mean time I noticed a few other spots that I wasn't pleased with. After a week the big spot didn't disappear so I scheduled an appointment. When I went in I got every excuse in the book how Rangers are dirty even new, they are difficult, and that ceramic tint magnifies imperfections and just doesn't come out as good as normal tint. One worker even showed me his car and showed me spots. I said that's all fine and great (if true) but why didn't you tell me this before you tinted my Ranger for $600??? I said had they told me all that I certainly would not have gone ceramic and I may have not had it tinted at all. I was offered $200 refund and no retint. I said it wasn't about money that it's about a big spot being eye level on driver window. I told them the driver's window was terrible and I wasn't happy about other spots but had they done the one window right then I may not have nit picked all the other windows. I was told a retint turns out worse than original tint unless you go lighter. Original was 35% and replacement is 55%. I told them I would be ok with just doing the two front side windows since that one had a big spot right at eye level and that I could live with the smaller imperfections on all the other windows. The retint looked good upon picking it up. I waited 6 days to put the window down and when I did I was horrified at the huge bubbles and imperfections at the top of the window. I called the shop and was told they could squeegee it out or I would have to wait 30 days for it to dry and them to even think about fixing it. I said you guys are 20 miles away and I don't feel like I should have to trailer my machine 3 times for 1 job. I told them I would wait and see what it does. What are your thoughts? At this point their attitude and blaming me has turned me off and each time I have to take it back it costs me diesel and time to haul it. I don't see what 30 days will do. At this point I wish I wouldn't have had it tinted or had taken it to another shop. I feel like the longer I wait the less chance I have of a fix or refund. Original tint was done 4-13 and retint 4-26 so they want me to wait until 5-26....