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  1. It was mainly the latch light gap that bugged me but I could probably easily fix it with a paint pen/vinyl.
  2. Thank you, I knew it was a hard window to do so I was really polite about it and just thanked him for his time and hard work. He offered to put vinyl on it next time I’m in the area. I’ve seen cleaner but I’ve also seen much worse. Just thought I would ask.
  3. I went to the highest rated shop within 150 miles from me and had my back glass done with a ceramic tint. I waited for over four hours and to me it feels like they rushed the job. When the guy looked at it he said the windows are hard to do and they could throw some vinyl on it if I come back later. I paid 150$ just for the back window and I’m honestly a little disappointed but didn’t want to be rude or jump to conclusions/blame.
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