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  1. Thanks for the assistance guys the guy said he had never seen the clear spots on this particular branch tent before he ripped it off and replaced it with no argument and no complaints also redid the back window where the heat shrink Messed up and thankfully he was able to get the front windows further up into the gasket like I wanted so I don’t have that light colored strip running down my window from the outside it looks great now I am very pleased thank you for all the help I never thought I’d be buying something like this I’ve always been a muscle car guy but the inside of these cars is extremely nice and with my 45 minute drive to work it makes it so much more comfortable than driving my SS plus I get close to 30 miles a gallon on the interstate verses about 12 to 16 depending on how heavy I am on the gas I do however now I want to limo tint the sunroof as well because it does let a lot of light in if the shade is not drawn forward. He says that’s may cost 200 bucks even though it’s it’s two small pieces of glass that make the sunroof unfortunately in Virginia we cannot tent the windshield below the AS1 line or I would get something really light done on the windshield to protect the inside of the car the car has a very light colored leather and almost everything inside the car is where the wrapped. They really step their game up on these cars. Now all I can say is hopefully it dries and everything dries perfect probably will not touch the windows or try to roll them down until Sunday they were done about 1230 on Wednesday but it has not been very warm here
  2. Thanks for the replies guys today makes 4 or 5 days since they were tinted so I was able to roll them down today and took a close look. I only have the front two windows with the clear spots thankfully but still have a few areas where it didn’t lay flat and has the wrinkles in the edges. Guy talked a big game about how good he was and it should be a $700 tint job but he has to stay competitive smh. I would be beyond pissed to see the edges I have at 700 bucks lol. I have to take it back to him to redo the back window he said he believes the heat put those little fingers in it but I have a spot on a side door the same way. Starting to wonder if I got ripped off, other than the guys skill level coming into play is this film actually worth this kind of money? I remember not too long ago decent tint was like 250-300 bucks but it’s been a long time since I had a car tinted. 500 bucks for tint seems like top of the line for me
  3. He did say he would replace the back if it wouldn’t lay down with a pink card. My concern now is the quality and the clear spots. Can’t be a nick from anything because no one has sat in the passenger seat or in the back. Seems like every time I get in the car and start looking around I another one. They feel perfectly smooth so it’s shouldn’t be like a ring cut a tiny piece plus I don’t wear any. Kinda confused as I’ve never seen that. I can’t even find any google post similar so I could say hey this is defective can you replace it please
  4. Hopefully pics show now. Don’t want to go on raising hell If this is normal also don’t want to be accused of being ripped off if this is actually considered a nano tint. Since they advertise one as nano I suspect other than the nano particles in the adhesive that’s all the nano he needed to sell it as an elite product.
  5. Hey guy sorry if this is in the wrong area. Looking for help and not sure where else to ask. I Got my brand new 2022 car tinted Wednesday around noon. It’s now Saturday. I have noticed several spots on multiple doors where It looks like the dye is completely missing. These are not bubbles and not trash under the tint. I can see through these dots clear as day. Is it possible the tint was defective and it was not dyed properly? I already feel like the job was poor as I have more bubbles and fingers Now than when I left The guy claimed this was the best top of the line nano ceramic out and performs the best. When we were done he hands me a paper that says panaflex was the tint and when I look at their site they have a specific tint that says nano. So not sure if I even got nano? It’s 5% and I paid 500 bucks for a 2022 Tuscan as most of the quotes I got around here were 4-700 bucks for the good ceramics. I am going to try to attach some pics here. what should I do make him re do the entire car or demand a refund and go Somewhere else. Seemed like a cool guy but the work looks subpar. it’s not letting me attach pics I’ll have to figure out how to link them it says even one pic is too big. Was taken on an iPhone
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