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Can someone fill me in Please???

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Guest Stratusrtrida

Hey guys, This forum is pretty cool. I have been a member of some other car forums in the past and those are cool too, but I was mainly there to shoot the :dunno . I like this site because it's mostly a bunch of business owners, or future business owners. With that being said...I know im a new member, But I thought I could come to you guys for some advice. So here is my life story....

Ok... Im 25 years old, I have no kids and I live at home with my parents. They are pretty cool, but I need my own place. I have had a g/f for 4 years now so its not like living at home is holding me back any. Everything in my area is $300,000 or better and I refuse to rent for an apt. I have already been pre approved and I have great credit. I would probably break even if I sold my assets to pay off my bills. So im not in a terrible position. I also have about $25,000 locked away in stocks but my father isn't letting me see any of that unless I buy a house with it. I can't use it to open up a business or anything. I didn't finish college the first time around so I take some classes part time because I want to finish up my business degree. I also have alot of ambition.

Here's the problem....Im going to be laid off from my job as of next Tuesday. I kinda got lucky getting this job because Im sitting here on TintDude and getting paid decent money. I don't think I could get a job as good as this without a degree which is still some time away. Now that this job is coming to an end I feel like im going to be back to flipping burgers instead of doing something productive with my life. I want so bad to open up a shop. I have wanted to own my own business since I was like 14. I just can't help feeling really depressed and alot of anxiety over the last few days. I feel like I have no direction in my life and everything I seem to start never goes anywhere. Im really feeling like a failure at life right now!

I have detailed cars as a side business in the past and have pretty much all the prefessional equipment at my house. About 6 months ago I also ventured into the signs/decals/graphics business. I made about half of my total investment back so far. I breifly dabbled in tinting a few years ago and when I got my "excessive tint" ticket a few weeks ago I planned on buying some more tint to retint my car legally and bumped into this site and thought of how I wanted to get back into it again not just for my car but for money. I thought it would go well with the detailing and the graphics.

Here's where I need some advice....Im not really sure which way I should go. Im asking you guys from your point of view as business owners. Should I just try and get a decent job, buy a house and suck up the $2000 a month im going to have to pay to live there? Or should I just stick it out at home for a little while and try to give opening up my own place a shot. If I do decide to open up a business I have NO idea how to go about it. I guess im just scared that Ill lose a ton of money, fall flat on my face and look like a moron. I would rent a building to run my business out of for a trial period, this way im not taking on a huge morgage and I can see how things can go at first. I am a business major in school so I am aware there is always risk involved. Im also worried about being able to stay in business with just detailing and the few people I will probable get for decals and graphics. Im not a pro on the tinting so I can't really offer that as a service yet.My mind is going in a million directions..... ok ok, I know im rambling...Ill stop now.

Sorry for my life story, Im just sitting here at work feeling overwhelmed and just needed to vent a little bit. If anyone can offer me some useful advice I would love to hear it....Thanks alot...


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stay at home with your parents

find a reputable tint shop to go to work for and learn the trade hands on

then if you decide you like it open a shop do it right and

then buy the house

good luck :dunno

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maybe you should get a job at somebody elses tint shop until you got all the skills necessary, about a year or so. Meanwhile you can do the detailing and signs on the side.

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