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  1. Hello smart people, hope everyone is doing ok in these crazy times! I received a call from a commercial glass company who are looking for a window film that will raise the R-value of their triple pane units by 1. The exterior pane being heat treated. The other two interior panes are regular annealed glass. There is a low-e coating on surface #2 (starting from outside) They would like to keep the look of the glass as neutral as possible, if possible. The larges panes are 54-1/2” x 72”.(approximately 60 panes) If there is such a film, I would need to submit something tangible that would show the science.behind the madness. Any info on this would be much appreciated. thanks so much everyone, stay safe!!
  2. Hello folks, I am looking to see if there is a comprehensive Glass breakage-seal Failure warranty script available, so that we can respond to customers who call if they have had a window crack or a seal failure after having window film installed. This is mostly to train new employees. We do try to explain it as best we can but we are a growing company and there are more new people who we are training and a well written script would be ideal, and everytime I try to write one, I fail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. Hello peeps, we have been using a 74" x 110" glass top table as our main cutting surface for most of our Solar, Security and frost/etch films. The glass is regular annealed and over the last 10 years we have replaced it 3 times because of deep scratches due to various reasons (carbon blade, blade angle vs too much pressure, dragging heavy boxes across table with dirt or staples scathing glass top etc) I called our local glass company to talk about what glass would be less apt to get deeply scratched and they tell me that there is not much difference between regular annealed and tempered when it comes to scratching the surface, and if the tempered surface scratches too deep, the glass could shatter. All of the edges of the glass are totally protected using a 1" aluminum flat bar which we then use a drywall T-Square to use as straight edges. Any extra advice on glass types (annealed, tempered, heat strengthened) vs deep scratches would be greatly appreciated. PS. the new table is going to have some new rules around it for sure! thanks
  4. I finally found something to recycle those cool Triumph blades dispensers into! https://youtu.be/6FBj03s3y3s
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