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  1. BTW, I wont be able to pick it up until after hours, oh and I need a ride to work and back, and my dog rides in the back, hope you don't mind the hair, oh and one of the windows doesn't work. BTW, your competition is cheaper, can you match the price? Hope the baby seat isn't in the way. Sorry about the smell, I think a mouse died under the seat.
  2. Never better, I'm very grateful for what I have, it could be so much worse.
  3. Man, I didn't have He-man stuff or Corona when I was a kid.
  4. Just the facts sir. And notice those are deaths "with" cv, not from. If you had it and die from a gunshot, it still counts as a death "with". I don't buy the hype. Oh and supposedly no one died of the flu in 2020. (They were all counted as cv.) I know it's hard to believe the media would misrepresent things.
  5. Hope everyone has a nice weekend, see you next week.
  6. Like spring here, so nice.
  7. Any chess players here? ♟️ If so and you are on chess.com, hit me up for a game. I'm TintDude there.
  8. Glad you guys are ok, that has to be scary.