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  1. Youtube is tough. I've been trying to crack that egg in several genres, I've probably made close to 1000 videos in the last couple of years and still not growing really.
  2. OK Sean, I have your Miata vid in the side bar, hopefully get some views on it.
  3. It's ok with me, I can feature some of your videos on the side bar here if you like.
  4. I thought this was funny... After Two Recalls, GM Finally Just Tells Bolt EV Owners: "Don't Park Your Car Within 50 Feet Of Another Car" "In an effort to reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the rare event of a potential fire, we recommend parking on the top floor or on an open-air deck and park 50 feet or more away from another vehicle."
  5. Yeah, I've tried to train a tinter before. I'm not cut out for it either.
  6. Morning Jason, how are things going?
  7. It will be nice for a change, it's been a long dry summer here.
  8. ...or that your insurance can refuse to pay if you get into an accident because of illegal modifications...
  9. Chlorine is a strong oxidizer, anything metal in there will probably get rusted. 🤷‍♂️
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