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  1. I'd take a step back and reevaluate doing retail work until you have more skill. Your best bet would be to work as a helper in a shop until you have a lot more experience. When you are to the point you can tint any car with confidence and do it well, also knowing how to handle a customer and their expectations, then start advertising and taking in work. If you are doing good work and have happy customers, they will advertise for you. So wait until you are much better at this before charging. If you jump in this too early and start putting out sub par work and unhappy customers, you are going to have nothing but grief.
  2. Nice toys. He must be single. 🤣
  3. Now you can afford one of his $30 screwdrivers.
  4. Ever have someone do you a favor and turn the key off while you're working?
  5. Yep, pushing fingers down on the side windows was a treat.
  6. The tinter knew that trash was in there after the first squeegee. He might have left water around it to get it out the door.
  7. All of the above and make sure interior lights are turned off while you work.
  8. Now you have to explain the things that should have been explained before the job started and hope he believes you. This will keep happening to you if you do not prepare the customer for what to expect. Print a bunch of these: https://www.tintdude.net/care.html and give one to your customer before the work starts. Read over it with them, especially the part about drying time. They are far more likely to believe you (when you say it will dry) if you told them about it before hand. Now he just thinks you did a crappy job because he wasn't prepared for what to expect.
  9. When I sense a customer is expecting perfection, I try to explain a little about the process and lower their expectations, then if I meet or exceed those expectations, everyone is happy, otherwise the perfectionist customer will always be disappointed or worse.
  10. That is adhesive from the first installation that was stuck to the defroster and went unnoticed during removal of the old film. When the new piece of film was put on and positioned, some of the left over adhesive stuck to the new film and created lifted areas.
  11. I understand. We do have a consumer questions area and they are welcome, but I'm not sure about them giving advice.