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  1. My apologies, seemed legit to me. I saw him give a talk at TED about coronavirus years ago, so it seemed plausible.
  2. No vaccine, no job: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-04-03-eugenicist-bill-gates-demands-digital-certificates-coronavirus-vaccination.html
  3. So Bill Gates, who predicted all of this and is working on a vaccine, says we'll all need a "quantum dot tattoo" to tell who has been vaccinated and allowed to buy/sell/work etc. Man, where have I heard this before?
  4. How's everyone doing? Man, my kid really misses her friends and school.
  5. This is too much fun...
  6. Man, that looks good @Bham
  7. About time to get started here too.
  8. So, do you think there will be a mandatory vaccination? I can see them doing that, tons of money to be made. Scenario: No one gets to go back to work unless they have been vaccinated. But how do we tell at a glance who has been vaccinated? We might have to give them a visible/scannable mark, paperwork could be faked.
  9. Same here, they say one person from the school district had it. I don't know man, I mean naturally 200,000 people die every day. How many were from the wuflu? How many from other preventable causes? We don't shut the world down for any of those. Personally I think this shut down will eventually kill many more and destroy the world's economy. How will anyone survive without jobs? Oh wait, that's right, we all go on wellfare and bailouts and beg the government for food.