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  1. That's cool man, having your own little forest there.
  2. I don't understand people these days.
  3. Boys Happy father's day if it applies.
  4. Doing anything this weekend?
  5. You could always add to your services to mix things up. PPF etc.
  6. Plus burnout happens in every field, but at least this one has upside potential.
  7. Hard to make this kind of money starting over in something else. You are young though.
  8. Amateur hour right there. Needs to go back in my humble opinion.
  9. What's the other line you have in mind?
  10. I'm glad to hear your shop is busy @highplains, I bet that's where everyone else is too.
  11. I'm OK, just trying to take one moment at a time. My wife and daughter are on another trip to idaho, so I'm alone for a while. It's nice, but you know how extended solitude can be.
  12. Yeah, what's up with the tumble weeds, why everyone stop posting? @Bham @no ma'am