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  1. You also will want to make sure that the Teflon backing strip is not damaged. if there are deep gouges in the backer strip, it wont provide the back pressure needed for the blade to push into.
  2. I don't know anyone in Canada. Check out doording.com there are a lot of guys from all over that can give recommendations in Canada. if you want video training to start with check out denttrainer.com
  3. Some of the better companies to get tools from is Ultra dent tools, Dent craft, finesse tools, A1 tools. you might want to check out Doording.com for PDR talk
  4. if you have some $$ to spend, I would recommend checking out Denttrainer.com the money is well spent. There is some fantastic training videos available, and if you cant get 1 on 1 training from someone, this can help start you in the right direction. also Check out Doording.com they have a great selection of guys willing to discuss PDR. the best advice I ever got was to get good tools and better training. also there are 2 free pod casts PDRCollege.com and Denttrainer.com Since I found them I have expanded my knowledge on the business side of working.
  5. How is it going? Im doing PDR, Tint and Bumper repair. How have you been learning?