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  1. Lol.. I after I asked, I said boy, that was a dumb question
  2. Thank you!!.. Watched it right after I posted.. How about putting it back on? Same way, clockwise?
  3. Sorry to bother you guys! I NEVER take the rearviews off, I always have the customer take it off if they want a Brow(ever since I cracked my ZR2 windshield). But I'm going to try and take it off on this one. Could someone explain this to me a little better? Thanks!!
  4. I guess it has been a long time, I can't even post a pic the correct way
  5. Been a LONG time for this one, almost 2 years ...I'm bored so I thought I'd post a pic.
  6. I am glad I didn't get involved! I get stressed if my windows are not perfect.. Don't need that right now Thanks to all that responded!
  7. It's a regular cab.. I was going to post a picture, because it looks like a really nice truck. Just not sure if I can from my phone. I'm just going to pass on it..beause he also wants me to come to his place to do it ... Thank you guys for replying... Happy New Year!
  8. I have a customer that wants a 1986 F-350 Pull truck tinted. Can anyone tell me what I'm getting myself into? I've tinted some older GM's, but no older Ford's.. Any input would be greatly appreciated!