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  1. We use suntek carbon range and have done for a long time. We tinted a new VW Polo and the customer was is getting a bad reflection coming from heating lines and no other customer has ever came back to us with this issue. Is there a reason or solution for this? Tia
  2. We had our first Tesla Model 3 in and it was not as difficult as it looks, We spent 6 hours from start to finish and that included tinting all the windows including the full rear screen and the second part to the roof, i have attached a couple before and after pictures. What do you charge for this kind of work?
  3. @DynamicATL thank you we will see how we get on tomorrow, If there is anything you can advise please do.
  4. @DynamicATL did you cover the full rear screen or just up to where the glass is already tinted? we have had a look at one of the employees cars at tesla and he is giving just he car down on Thursday to have a attempt at it, Looking forward to the challenge.
  5. Do you have any pictures of the rear screen and how did you find it to tint? We use suntek carbon window film and this is usually good for shrinking.
  6. Is there any pictures of a tinted model 3?
  7. any tips on detrimming door panels on audi s8

  8. how did you get on with this. We have one in today?
  9. Thoughts on Global NR Charcoal QDP automotive tint?