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  1. Whyme


  2. I have a few different ones I’m using ! I start with a soft squeegee then follow with a hard squeegee with a metal handle ! I can’t remember the name ! I heard someone say one time they used a pin hole to drain the water ! Sounds like a bad idea ! But I might try it in a spot see how it works !
  3. That’s a good idea ! I’ll give it a shot ! As it is the customer wants windows replaced , I tried to explain that won’t fix anything !
  4. Customer is complaining! He Just built a brand new salon and they want the bubbles gone before opening day ! 🙄
  5. I have been tinting for 20 years and I know at the start of winter the rcommercial and residential is going to take awhile to dry ! I use rubbing alcohol and the large commercial squeegees ! Does anyone have a trick to make the bubbles dry quicker
  6. I’ve been using vortex since it came out in the us ! Mainly 70% for windshields ! I’m on my 3rd roll now and I think it’s really high quality film, it is however really thick ! It takes awhile to shape it ! Seems like you have to hold the heat gun to the glass 3 times as long to get the film hot enough to keep bubbles to stay down ! I don’t think it’s very scratch resistant though ! A lot of my customers have told me they like it !
  7. I had this problem today actually ! I caught a piece of sand on my squeegee on the inside of the windshield while pushing out water ! Right down the middle !🤬😡🤬 ! Always have to wipe the blade down after and before every push on the inside ! I shape the outside dry shrink with a glove ! No scratches that way !
  8. Thanks for the info ! It must have been a different Tesla with a smaller back window
  9. Interesting brake light cut out , did you ask for that? Don’t ask for that ! looks like crap ! Lol 😆
  10. Don’t you love those peanuts on the dodge chargers ! Hey let’s make some crappy defroster lines that have bumps on them ! The old Lexus LS had them too ! Or how on brand new cars if you have to redo the back window the shine on the defroster lines goes away ! It’s like China made them !
  11. So I heard the new 2020 Tesla model 3 has a smaller back glass now ! I haven’t actually seen it though ! Is this true ? And what size is it now ?
  12. Wait wait ..... so your saying pinnacle is better than Llumar ?
  13. So who makes pinnacle window tint ! Why am I hearing about it for the first time now ? Anyone want to tell me how they like it !
  14. Solargard used to have a hands on class to teach people, I’m pretty sure they still have the classes going ! 1 instructor and 2 students per class ! It was like $500 for the class
  15. I agree with everyone else . This is the way dodge makes defroster lines ! Nothing wrong with the film or installation job ! If anything dodge needs to change the way they make the glass ! Some old Lexus have the Same problem .