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  1. I use Solargard , I use supreme and I use xenith Ir . The new xenith is much improved over the ceramic films that were made before it . Vortex and ultra performance don’t shape much at all . I could spend all day trying to shape those films . Especially ultra performance . So glad they aren’t trying to push that anymore . I only wish they would make a xenith film darker than 15% .
  2. Hey tint dude , have you watched raised by wolves . It has that interesting theme of people who believe in god and atheists . And how their views differ . Interesting show on HBO
  3. Well if they ask you do the windshield it’s really difficult . And you need an extra large roll size like 48 inches . And the if they want the windows above the wing doors done as well that should be factored into price . Not all that much fun.
  4. Tinted the windows on a ram trx today . Supposedly the only 1 currently In San Diego . 700 horse power of fun. I used Solargard xenith ceramic film . 15% all around
  5. This is a tough one . But all glass is tempered . Meaning they are not supposed to scratch easily . I can’t imagine how a Tinter could possibly have made all those scratches . Are there any micro scratches in the middle of the glass or the top of the glass? And the damage to the side of the glass is weird ! How would someone damage that . I mean I just run my razor across the sides as smooth as silk . No pressure , just smooth . All glass should be well tempered , but sometimes a piece of glass is barely tempered at all and the glass can be scratched easily . This is mostly the case on American made cars , and exotics . I’m not taking the Tinter side . If he did do that he must be a completely new Tinter
  6. That’s not good , I just had to turn someone down with a Lexus nx for the same reason . Just the 2 front windows
  7. No there is not ! But if your worried about it roll the window down and look for the edge of where the clear uv coating would be
  8. I’ve had this happen to me many times , even for the 2 front windows where the customer has it all off and claims it started peeling so I would redo it for free , when the customer obviously got a fix it ticket
  9. I tinted one of these last week . No felt needed . And I had no issues . The felt problem was more for older Mercedes . IMO . This is not a car to worry about .
  10. As soon as any one asks about tint brands all the global guys chime in ! Like free advertising ! Top brands imo are Llumar , Huper optic , Solargard . 3m crystalline !
  11. Also is it a fat scratch or a fine razor blade scratch? Also tinters cut the outline Around the outside of the window , so if the scratch was in the middle of the glass the tinter would have absolutely no reason to use a razor on the middle of the glass . Only around the edges of the glass . So I would say if it’s in the middle of the back window it’s not the tinter , but if it’s a side window it’s a different story .
  12. The cars with the bumpiest defroster lines get peanuts , like the Dodge Charger is really bad , old Lexus models get them bad, etc . It wastes a lot time getting them to stay down . I especially dislike when it’s the bottom defroster lines . Some cars are just made like crap .
  13. This is a bad idea . Tint is designed to stick to glass not to tint . Generally I tell other people who ask me that there is no warranty for tint sticking to tint
  14. I had the same thing happen on a Mercedes c300 it was like a metal lump on the defroster line and it would get so hot it melted the tint in that spot . Dealer said it was the tint . Until I took it off . And then the dealer paid to replace it on their brand new Mercedes. And of course I retinted it for free . Not their fault
  15. I just love the conversation . “ THat wasn’t on my car Before “ . Me “ YEs it was “ . I had One customer say the water spotting on the outside of the glass wasn’t there before . I was like you clearly park right next to sprinklers . 🤢
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