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  1. Wait wait ..... so your saying pinnacle is better than Llumar ?
  2. So who makes pinnacle window tint ! Why am I hearing about it for the first time now ? Anyone want to tell me how they like it !
  3. Solargard used to have a hands on class to teach people, I’m pretty sure they still have the classes going ! 1 instructor and 2 students per class ! It was like $500 for the class
  4. I agree with everyone else . This is the way dodge makes defroster lines ! Nothing wrong with the film or installation job ! If anything dodge needs to change the way they make the glass ! Some old Lexus have the Same problem .
  5. I agree with high plains on this one , spraying water removes the armor all that is put on new cars, and when a car gets detailed . This happens all the time and then spraying some kind of new armor all or protectant will make it look good again ! I call it shiny spray , have to spray a chemical that makes everything look shiny ! Of course !
  6. I pass on it as well ! I don’t want to stock 60 inch rolls in all the different shades ! Just for 1 car ! But if you are tinting them you should be charging a small fortune
  7. Nissan Murano is always really horrible to tint windshield ! I was using Solargard ultra performance film for the windshield, and that tint is literally the worst tint for shaping I’ve ever used ! The new vortex is great though !
  8. What’s with all these reps not calling people back ! I called and left a message with a 3m rep never got a call back , and same thing with Llumar . But Huper optic got right back to me ! Solargard calls me right back too. It’s nice having the tint wearhouse where you buy your film close by!
  9. I tried suntek, Huper optic, Llumar , solargard, and 3 m crystalline . Depends on how much you want to spend . I like the new solargard vortex but it’s pricey . For cheaper cost I don’t know what the best option is , but cheaper Llumar is good, supreme series solargard works ! Huper optic has a good cheaper option .
  10. I Top load , tape sides if needed , I’ve been doing top only for 15 years , works for me !
  11. Rainbow sushi roll ! From a few different places in San Diego ! Sushi ota , sushi deli 2 ! Doesn’t get much better
  12. Hahahaha , just kidding , I have no idea about the U.K.
  13. I don’t tint boats , what a pain ! Some of the hardest windows to shape the tint and get it to stick
  14. Nice man , what you been doing ?
  15. I agree , looks like your window is off the window track and is rolling up and down crooked