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  1. I’ve had this happen to me many times , even for the 2 front windows where the customer has it all off and claims it started peeling so I would redo it for free , when the customer obviously got a fix it ticket
  2. I tinted one of these last week . No felt needed . And I had no issues . The felt problem was more for older Mercedes . IMO . This is not a car to worry about .
  3. As soon as any one asks about tint brands all the global guys chime in ! Like free advertising ! Top brands imo are Llumar , Huper optic , Solargard . 3m crystalline !
  4. Also is it a fat scratch or a fine razor blade scratch? Also tinters cut the outline Around the outside of the window , so if the scratch was in the middle of the glass the tinter would have absolutely no reason to use a razor on the middle of the glass . Only around the edges of the glass . So I would say if it’s in the middle of the back window it’s not the tinter , but if it’s a side window it’s a different story .
  5. The cars with the bumpiest defroster lines get peanuts , like the Dodge Charger is really bad , old Lexus models get them bad, etc . It wastes a lot time getting them to stay down . I especially dislike when it’s the bottom defroster lines . Some cars are just made like crap .
  6. This is a bad idea . Tint is designed to stick to glass not to tint . Generally I tell other people who ask me that there is no warranty for tint sticking to tint
  7. I had the same thing happen on a Mercedes c300 it was like a metal lump on the defroster line and it would get so hot it melted the tint in that spot . Dealer said it was the tint . Until I took it off . And then the dealer paid to replace it on their brand new Mercedes. And of course I retinted it for free . Not their fault
  8. I just love the conversation . “ THat wasn’t on my car Before “ . Me “ YEs it was “ . I had One customer say the water spotting on the outside of the glass wasn’t there before . I was like you clearly park right next to sprinklers . 🤢
  9. Why wouldn’t you use the blue paper towels called shop towels at Home Depot or Lowe’s ? They work much better at absorbing water than the white ones ! I wouldn’t know if there was an issue here because I always buy blue !
  10. Those will not go away because they are air bubbles . Water bubbles evaporate . But air bubbles appear white in color . And stay forever until you squeegee them out well . This is why tinters go over the window several times .
  11. Detailers spray polyethylene on the doors to make them shiny at car washes and dealerships . So when it gets wet it looks like that . But a good cleaner will take the polyeurothane off . If you want it back on just buy armor all or something like it .
  12. Whyme


  13. I have a few different ones I’m using ! I start with a soft squeegee then follow with a hard squeegee with a metal handle ! I can’t remember the name ! I heard someone say one time they used a pin hole to drain the water ! Sounds like a bad idea ! But I might try it in a spot see how it works !
  14. That’s a good idea ! I’ll give it a shot ! As it is the customer wants windows replaced , I tried to explain that won’t fix anything !
  15. Customer is complaining! He Just built a brand new salon and they want the bubbles gone before opening day ! 🙄