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  1. Wondering if this is in the pipeline yet. I have customers inquiring up here in Canada about this model already. Especially the rocker panel area on this model.
  2. tried one of these a couple weeks ago and didn't have much success tint jamming in the lower corner. Needless to say 3 attempts and I gave up, now customer calls me this week saying her window on drivers side wont work. think its just the switch? or the motor in the door? Of course she wont let me touch the vehicle now to check for a problem.
  3. Hi everyone. I need some advice, and direction to track down some commercial film with a green"ish hue to it. The local hockey rink had a window smashed out by a flying piece of concrete from a jackhammer this summer. The glass was Curtainwall glazing Dual pane 1" OD 6mm B2-B20 Green tint tempered. 6mm Tie Low E annealed. The glass company is no longer in business, and the rink officials are looking to me, to see if I can find a tint to come close to the rest of the panes. Any ideas where to start looking? I'm not a big commercial guy, I am 95% automotive tinter.
  4. Does anyone have rear bumper pattern for 2018 Subaru crosstrek 2.0i limited with rear parking sensors? my DAP doesn't have one.
  5. shadowshield.ca in Calgary. Nuno and his boys have been my supplier for over 13 years and it has been a pleasure doing business with them.
  6. Seeing if anyone has a 60in graphtec for sale in Canada. Expanding the shop and need a bigger plotter.
  7. This is the gayest design ever. i hate it.
  8. I've given the latest 3m pro series a try over the last month or so and it has drastically improved since its initial roll out. Good to see they are making progress. Now make DAP quality style patterns and I could convert.
  9. I heard from someone the other day that bug spray is unreal for removing glue. I am going to pick up a can and look at trying this on my next R&R.
  10. hmm ya i wonder if he was using a plotted kit or freehanding it. I know DAP programs from Xpel have a little relief in the kit for that corner, but that looks a little ugly to me.
  11. I normally just wash, and clay, dry and degrease. If the car is used and has a few chips, i'll add paint, dry and polish them down.
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