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  2. I m in this business for close to 30 years, my best advise to workers are.........make your boss needs you, not the other way, then you will get paid what you think you are worth, obviously it looks like you are not happy with $50 per, so take a break and see if he needs you, otherwise I would move on, it seems like you can get a job anywhere
  3. And q50 is a very easy car to tint, should come out way better than that, that job is worth $85
  4. $900 for a tint job, I need guys like you as my customers, so I can do just one car a day instead of 4
  5. tint right over it , i do it all the time , assuming the job already done is good with no bubbles rips or major scratches
  6. I use KDX , awesome film, not too many people use them, I love their clarity, it looks HD from inside looking out you won’t regret it, save money while making money
  7. I have the film you are looking for reach me at my shop in Chicago 773 419 2050