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  1. Agree with Smartie, calling it Llumar is not accurate manufactured at the Eastman factory would be accurate. The question is what is the grade?
  2. Full disclosure, Stan teaches Classes at my location. Having said that I have been around Stan for 7 years and I see first hand the success of his students. Stan starts from the beginning and helps build a foundation of skills that the students then turn into their own technique. I believe his classes are very helpful and you have access to Stan going forward.
  3. Welcome, if we can be of any assistance give us a call: 314 993-8468. Thanks, Richard
  4. Good luck feel free to call with any questions. Richard
  5. Good luck feel free to call with any questions. Stan Foster teaches a window film installation class at our service center in St. Louis, MO. Feel free to drop in. If I can help you with window film let me know, We sell Global and TN is my territory. Thanks, Richard 314 993-8468
  6. Bought some MEK Friday, chemistry class beginning Monday
  7. question smartie, I assume the longer the samples stay together the better the laminate? Thanks, Richard
  8. Remember you can add tint to big rigs as long as it meters 70% or higher. I believe that includes the windshield.
  9. in the tint-off competition a lot of the competitors will bring distilled water. We are lucky in St. Louis as the public water is very clean...better to make beer.
  10. consistently producing an accurate high quality product can be difficult for a new film manufactuer
  11. Stan does a first class job and he is always available on his phone. He has been training at my service center in St. Louis, MO since 2009. As Stan says "he can teach you to fly a plane but you have to work to become a fighter pilot". Good luck
  12. I just received some new release Black hard cards from A Plus. The cards seems to work really well. Might help with the less durable hard coats.
  13. Thanks for the kind words concerning Global QDP. Solar Control Films is the Authorized Global Window Film Distributor for the State of Texas. Phillip and his crew will be happy to assist you. Solar Control Films in Texas can be reached at 713 681-3000 or feel free to drop by the Service Center. The address is: 6100 Chapman St. Houston, Texas 77022 713 681-3000 Richard 314 993-8468
  14. It was good talking to you Nathan. Thanks for the help Ryker. Richard