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  1. Thanks. I'm sure it will help when the typical Florida summer returns.
  2. After going out to take the proper pictures....... Here she is!
  3. Yikes, didn't know it will be difficult to maintain. No more young children so that will be one less worry. I will have to find out the best (safest) way to clean them. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Thanks for your help. The few specs should be acceptable for me. I know how hard it is to place a screen protector lint free on a phone. I can only imagine how hard it would be to do the same on cars. Real glad I chose the 3M Crystalline, though. Complements the color of the car.
  5. I got 3M Crystalline 40 for all windows (except windshield) last Saturday. The replacement film placed today on the right rear no longer has a gap, but some specs are still there. I'll wait a few weeks to see if they'll go. They're not that obvious so I may just accept it as it is.
  6. Now back at the tinting shop. They'll replace the rear right window tint to get rid of the gap. I found a few more specs in the other windows and told the shop owner that I can wait a few weeks to see if they'll disappear but he said he'll get them off today.
  7. Thanks for your response DynamicAppearance. The tint actually looks nice in person (except for the gap). There are some specs that I'm hoping would be water bubbles that would go away.
  8. Hi Ocala, I'm in Jacksonville. The purple haze is just because of the lighting and angle of the shot. The specs I'm hoping would go away eventually. I'm bringing it back to be replaced today (3M Crystalline). Thanks.
  9. Had my car tinted yesterday and noticed this gap when I got home only in the right rear window. Is this a normal gap? Thanks.