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  1. I have a brand new plotter used literally maybe 10 times I need to sell. The business went in a different direction so now I need to sell this. I purchased it on 11/8/2016 nothing is wrong with it comes with 5 tint blades 4 unused 1 blade used to cut out maybe 20 cars worth not a lot comes with a vinyl blade as well have the stand and basket for it as well. I can send pictures and proof of purchase date. I'm firm on my price but it's a steal for who ever purchases it. I'm willing to ship but shipping has to be covered by purchaser. $2500 takes it all. Please text me because that's the easiest way to get in touch with me 2672945037.
  2. Just looking to see people's opinions on what they prefer between the two. Llumar isn't a option for now so I have to choose between these two.
  3. So I'm starting my business up and I want to use the best product which is llumar (imo) but they won't let me become a dealer because there is another dealer to close to me. Any advice on how to get around this or if anyone else had this issue?