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  1. I'll be putting the order in soon. Want to make sure 25 will be legal. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Have any of you guys metered this film after install? My rep swears up and down that the 25% meters at 25%vlt after install.
  3. Why is 25 the most popular shade? Where are you guys?
  4. Interesting. I remember Huper ceramic being shiny like 3m ceramic.
  5. I know that. You said you could feel the radiant heat more with huper though, which is reflective, compared to qdp ceramic? If you meant their ceramic? Which I assume is not reflective. Is that right?
  6. Ah, ok. I thought you guys were going on about just qdp. Then yeah if their ceramic is the same then it's hard to find anything better
  7. On a side note; I think that window film performance has reached it's peak. I hear about Stratos having the same radiant heat from heavy absorption like Tom is describing with Huper and it makes sense. I feel like Crystalline has always been on top, 60% tser 97% super magic IR rejection yadda yadda. But it's a hard sell when we also have solar fx ceramic which has the same real world feel pretty much, in a regular looking film in normal vlts (66%tser in limo) without the $600 price tag.
  8. From what I see online the tser range for qdp is 36%- 30%vlt to 42%- 6%vlt. That's not very impressive. I know you guys rave about global, especially qdp. Is it longevity price and ease of install that you like about it? Numbers like that are are entry level and leave people unsatisfied at least here in Texas. Tom have you compared it to other ceramics? We carry solar fx ceramic and people love its performance. The real world feel is very close to Crystalline and better than Ctx. Not talking trash about global. Really just wondering?
  9. Is your film handler still available? 

  10. ANY kind of customer awareness campaign or advertising would seem like a no brainer for either company. Seriously what's the logic?
  11. Well said. I've talked to a couple of our glass companies and the cost of the new glass standard is the only thing slowing widespread use. Both 3m and Llumar have seemed to double down on security film as well. I would agree with the ten year mark too. As far as automotive, 3m is making moves to come through with a non reflective looking ceramic finally but I haven't heard of llumar doing anything.
  12. Tom, why do you think the flat market is dying out? I know llumar even stopped making 48"rolls for certain vista films. Their standard llumar flat selection really does suck.
  13. Awesome thanks for the video! Do find yourself getting multiple roll sizes and vlts of crystalline or will 40% sell to most?