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  2. Everyone’s different and works in different surroundings/environments, I know a couple of installers who back roll everything but personally I hate it and find it increases the chances of something getting under the film. I use Costco tables and spring clamps for mine and very rarely get any debris under the film at all.
  3. To counter your argument, the Porsche dealers in the UK (or certainly the one near me) see PPF as a bonus on a car that’s traded in and it’s on their forms to tick when inspecting.
  4. Same here, have done 3 or 4 full Range Rover hoods including the latest SVR with the vents. I find some make the mistake of trying to wrap too much film round the edge which makes it more prone to fingering as you wrap it round. 7/8mm works well in my experience and won’t creep back.
  5. I noticed yesterday that Matt at XPEL uk posted on Instagram that the 2019 G63 patterns are now available
  6. (Long time lurker but 1st time poster here!) I quite often use Meguiars Ultimate detailer on areas of the panel that won’t need a hard tack but as already mentioned - keep it away from areas that would need a good bite such as edges and valleys where the film would have a tendency to spring up. As Speed says, squeegeeing bubbles out etc is much easier and it can almost help turn XPEL into a more forgiving film to install like Suntek is.