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  1. That’s a sickest set up I have ever seen
  2. can you please tell me if this tanks can be used for pressure spraying ? am trying to get rid of the spray bottles & was looking for alternatives i need 3 tank setup in my shop & the ones they selling on website is way too pricy .. i want to build my own can someone help me ? See if I can use this to make it into pressure sprayer ? Or I need something else ? i also seen a shop using a water sprayer pump some mixer unit on the wall & feeding thru water tank connected with 5 sprayer that thing worked like champ ..
  3. Hey guys can someone tell me where can I buy this slip tape for window tint that will ship it to Canada ? interwest don’t even have option for shipping it to Canada. what is the best slip tape for tinting in the market ? Can I use 3M 5151 for window tint as Fellars have it for vinyl wrap
  4. Where to buy the slip tape ? Does it really works ? my easy reach started scratching tints & need this slip tape .. is 3M 5151 a slip tape ?
  5. Hey guys, I need to buy myself an entry level plotter as I don’t know anything about plotters lots of people selling vinyl plotters in market I don’t know if that’ll work with tinting ? i need to get something decent for $1500-2000 something that will last me untill I can save up & buy myself something high end .. any one can help ?
  6. Where to buy the slip tape ? Is 3M 5151 the slip tape ? Im