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  1. Any plotter suggestions for plotters that are reliable and don’t cost an arm and a leg? also any suggestions for the minimum size plotter to go with. Thanks,
  2. M mom Any suggestions would be appreciated for VLT percentages, film quality, and roll sizes I should purchase and carry for the initial startup phase of my small auto window tinting business. I’m thinking I should carry 3 levels of film for three different price points but would love to hear your valued opinions. Any help would be appreciated. As law is 35% VLT front max Any VLT on the rear Windshield strip is ok as long as at or above as-1 windshield overall is illegal i have a good idea just interested in any options I might not have thought about. Thanks!
  3. It’s my first time tinting a 2013 Jetta rear window with Armolan AR standard film. I am a new tinter with little experience shrinking such a large window. Any tips and tricks to help with shrinking would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know of someone here in the Phoenix Arizona market that is looking to take on some help? I am new to the business, have been practicing for quite a few months on the automobiles of family and friends. I have a pretty good grasp on tinting basics and most methods used but need to get more practice on as many autos as possible. I am looking to get some real world experience by assisting and getting trained by tinting professional. Any help, suggestions, and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Fred 623-330-0831