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  1. Hey All , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, May you a fantastic holiday. Wish the ppf trade boom in coming years!!
  2. Not sure on paid training online, but there are lot of video on youtube you could find for beginners. And better you got some films to do practice when you watching the video.
  3. Normally we use heater to close the corner, or maybe we did not face the tough spots as you did.
  4. Your thoughts are more thorough and comprehensive, good to learn that 👍
  5. No need to use adhesion promoter, bro. We never use that on closing corners and edges
  6. Hi i mean i never noted the gloss ppf will turn the matte finish to gloss look. For the removal, i now have tried matte ppf on matte paint already, seems my film has no issues to remove. Later I will try clear on matte paint.
  7. Oh Really, never faced this issues, thank you
  8. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LaemnPg8puRuet5hGyHCa4IDZQxDUzHI It is a file with around 50 pages, a bit long story, but will help beginers to know how to install an paint protection film starting from zero.
  9. why the matte paint needs a matte ppf ? if with clear ppf, will be different effect ?
  10. Actually it depends on what ppf you are using