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  1. Don’t be a lazy tinter, I’ve seen too many of them in my search for window tint but I suppose that comes with being a “window tinter” for a living
  2. I did ask and he said it takes longer to cure but they tint year around. On my particular car forum there are guys who have done it in winter and been fine but some did say they had haze issues, bubbles etc for a long really time while curing. I think my tint would of turned out ok in time given what people have said but I don’t really need tint now during winter. My tinter also broke his foot and covid is going crazy, not a good time. Had I not researched I admittedly would of regretted getting it done in winter had I ran into some issues I mentioned above, might as well do it in better conditions to dry out faster
  3. haha your full of ..., maybe next time I order a car I’ll have the experienced car salesman tell me what color and options I want without looking into it. That way I won’t think I could have got something better. See how ridiculous your reasoning is. I am also asking tinters their advice and the shop I’m using, not saying I know better. My neighbors car is the same year, model, trim, and interior. Exterior color is different and tint is different but it gives me a close enough idea. I’m on a forum for my particular car and 35 all around is one of the most popular choices and generally they are satisfied with it. Really though I don’t have much of a choice, 35 all around is the law in my state so that is what I’m going with. In Chicago, they are ruthless with tint tickets. First offense is like 250, second offense becomes a misdemeanor. I’m not a dumba** 17 year old and just going to throw dark tint on it
  4. Also my neighbor has the same car I’ve got and has 35% tint, I think it’s perfect. I wouldn’t go any darker but that’s my taste. That’s the reason I’ve done my homework, so I don’t regret what I have installed. it sounds like you have dealt with a lot of people who don’t figure this stuff out prior to getting tint and just bring it to the shop nearest to them on the corner, then have regrets, which ironically you are accusing me of being the opposite. You should want customers who ask first and research like myself
  5. Your nuts man, my car had tint when I bought it and it had a few tiny dust bubbles, I thought it was a fine install. It was 5% tint, 20% front and wasn’t ceramic so I’m changing it out. I didn’t notice any sparkling on my defroster lines with the limo tint on back, in fact it was much better vs. being blinded by cars in my hatchback. ive also checked out the tint installs on cars at my gym where there are alot of nice cars and they all seemed like pretty good installs to me. ive looked up your shop and I wouldn’t do much talking if I were you
  6. dude, chill out, you don’t have to read my posts and no I don’t have a garage right now. I’m asking simple questions and yes it is getting below freezing at night and I’m waking up to frost on my windows, forecast has changed some. I’m planning on just waiting until spring, I don’t need the tint for winter really and covid is going crazy.
  7. Yea, I have used the search, most say doesn’t matter with some saying not to do it below freezing temps. I have asked the shop, said it just takes longer to cure. Obviously, he isn’t going to turn me away to make money so researching it as well
  8. so I don't really need tint this winter but could get it tinted on monday next week. Do you guys think these forecasted temps are worse than ideal or should I wait until spring if I want the best tint job possible? I know its possible to tint in cooler temps I just want the best tint job and don't really need it this winter.
  9. Here’s close up pic of the rear window wonder what kind of tint it is too
  10. Yea, its at least 35 and pretty clear in person, looks slightly darker in pic. I was wondering if it was 35 or 40. There is no way that’s 50 percent tint right?
  11. What percent you guys think this tint is?
  12. be honest with him and tell him it doesn’t look like crystalline but another 3m film. Doesn’t have the same qualities, get it removed and refunded. I wouldn’t let him touch my windshield again. Find a better installer even if you have to drive more than two hours or pick a different film
  13. Call and tell the manager your concerns that it’s not crystalline they installed. I wouldn’t let them do it again though, I would have them remove it and refund. I think the only way to prove it’s not crystalline, is to remove and send a small sample of it to 3m
  14. I’ve noticed if you look on the bmw, Audi etc, more luxury cars forums, they tend to like the lighter tint shades, 40 and up a lot more than others.