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  1. Yea pretty much all the installers close to me use global with a couple using Madico. The ones using global are charging around 250 and some charging 350 for standard global tint. Seems high to me on price considering there is a shop a little distance from me that does llumar tint for 225 and considering the llumar film costs more for them to buy. Seemd to me also that the local guys using global are making the most money because they are charging more for install and buying the tint cheaper than llumar
  2. and regular tint has no sheen? the llumar Ceramic have a reflection?
  3. Is the global ceramic tint reflective at all in interior or exterior? Wonder if I should just go regular tint for this reason
  4. I’ve been calling around my area and nearly everyone around me charges around 275-350 for regular tint of global and 100 more for ceramic global a shop like 1 hour 15 mins away charges 215 for regular and like 300 for ceramic using llumar. obviously like the price of place using llumar more but they are kinda far away. I thought I read llumar cost more as well. Which would you do in this situation?
  5. Is global cheaper to purchase vs llumar? What is the difference
  6. I’m currently calling shops to tint my car. All the shops seem to carry global tint. There is one shop that uses Llamar. If cost is the same for install, which should I go for? Probably will get ceramic, thanks!