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  1. Appointment is on the 30th, happy to get 50% back and deal with the job. Don't think it will be an option. Im not cleaning the windows to perfection again.
  2. No one wants to trash my beach toy? Not worthy of a quality job like my far better suv but not legendary tier. Flame suit deactivated, ready.
  3. 07 expedition, not legendary enough to stick tint to glass without debris, bubbles, wrinkles and over cuts. It's a junker that really should be turned into razor blade's.
  4. I'll try to get better pictures. There are other imperfections these are 2 large wrinkle/bubbles and an over cut for a computer cut tint?
  5. Diy to get a professional job without large bubbles and debris, brilliant! Why does it matter what kinda of vehicle it is, does that weight in on quality of the job? Because it doesn't effect the price. Sounds like you f up a lot of jobs.
  6. Got a few quotes for my suv with tinters in a highly competitive area. I went with the highest rated/reviewed one by far with a median price quote and was a llumar installer. When I arrived, I was shown the llumar ceramic pinwheel display. I was shown the ceramic level tint and impressed by it's heat rejection abilities and so I agreed to the ceramic and added the front two windows on as well. I dropped my suv off a half hour early for my appointment and left in my other suv . I was not rushing the installer at all. Before I left I went over that i wanted everything to the edge or over. I don't have dot matrix on any windows. I was told it would be computer cut and it will be perfect. He said he doesn't need to cut anything by hand. I brought the car in showroom clean anywhere near the windows. Gaskets and window tracks all around each window were clean, 99% isopropyl on all windows to perfection, every corner. I'm now on day 3.5 of the car unused baking in the tropical sun and I have imperfections that aren't going to clear up in 30 or 300 days. There is sand/grit between glass and tint at bottom of windows, a bubble bigger then a quarter, bubbles i don't think are coming out, wrinkles, creases and over cuts, a hair. I don't mind the tint overlapping the part you can't see that's a factory non dot matrix frame, but how can you let it under lap? When I lived in NYC I used a guy called the art of tint and when he gave me my car back the worst I'd have is micro bubbles in the whole job. I contacted the tinter and he has offered to redo the job. My concern is that almost every window except for one has an issue. If i let him redo them and they comes out as bad or worse now he is out double time and materials and I am out my initial investment time and extra inconvenience. Is it fair to ask for 50% back for this relatively poor tint job by my standards? My standards are a tint job that's only flaw would be microbubbles. If I roll the dice on the redo where do I go after that? Any advice would be appreciated.