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  1. Hello everyone, I’m selling some items that may be of use to someone on this site. I own a construction business in Florida and had considered adding a new division however my insulation business is to busy to move forward with the idea of expanding. I own the following domain names, phone numbers and logos. Domains are parked at Godaddy and the phone numbers are parked at NumberBarn. I have editable files for logos. This is a GOOD opportunity for anyone, but REALLY GREAT for someone in central Florida. Logos have been trademarked. I have $6,850 total into this entire package but willing to take fair offers. I will only take a money order ensure there’s no scamming. See the following that comes with package… Domain names: TintExpress.com TintExpress.net TintExpress.info GetTint.com GetTint.net GetTint.info Phone numbers: (407) GET-TINT (Orlando) (863) GET-TINT (Tampa) (855) GET-TINT (TollFree) slogan: ”Got windows? GET TINT!” Logos won’t upload to this site so anyone interested can email or call/text me and I’ll provide. chad@campfield.net (321) 388-3020
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