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  1. Ok. I5 yr .Ill care when you get some real experience. I can learn so much from your opinion . watch your mouth don't care for it . maybe find some humility.
  2. Tint is to be looked through. Not looked at. 7 times . maybe you need to be reasonable? Its just plastic on Windows put on by a living human.it not going to be perfect. You don't get dirt on the outside sometimes? Does the sun go down can you see it when you sleep as well. More importantly what are those batteries going to do in ten years. J.J..
  3. I'm. Sorry to hear that. I hope you found your fob.. As getting a new one your best bet is trying to work on a deal from the dealership.
  4. What's wrong? Take the little piece off. What's the big deal. Push the bottom down .. What are wanting. Its tint . The tint doesn't have to be tucked under the seal. There's no light gap . So get it done one day and the next post a picture Thanks I'm amazed at the complainers who don't have a clue .
  5. You guys are are so smart. Man I never know how smart you pre modonas are. It's just plastic that goes on glass. Uscfan You don't know squirt. If you think you can tint better then good for you. I'm glade that you think that you make a difference. You don't. Don't hate the guy who tells the truth. Oh yea I'm not the smartest like you gen ass asses. Sorry. I'll go to school and Wal-Mart MacDonalds. 22 a hour .That sounds like your kinda income. Ha ha. If you can even make that. I can buy your shop and your house . in a week of work. I'm not delusional. Just sick of guys who think that they are something they are not. Like I said I can tint cleaner faster and better then you. Put you money where your mouth is. You wanna be.
  6. Maybe .let's get something straight. My work is better then most. 34 plus years. So when you actually think you know more then me .you don't.. So why don't get it. you think that you can out tint me.any day or night. You can't.!! So let me guess I should stop making what you make in two years in 30days. Who's the one ? Who should quite.
  7. Its just tint. With dirt. Sure its a bad job. Its not . The worse job ever. Sure there's one or two windows that could make the job a lot nicer. As for a beginner with any skill level being able to do it you don't know that. It's acceptable. As for me I'm fine with it .When the customer brings it back just replace it.pretty easy. I'm not a quiter. We gross 1.7 million Last year bud!
  8. Yea .it's tint and dirt. I can tell it still needs to dry. The world isn't going to stop cause of it. Your telling me that your work is perfect? Or you don't get some dirt . Sure there's more then we like but that's the dirt of it...
  9. It looks like it was just done and needs to dry as well . might be a little dirty . just enjoy it . It's just a 300 . It's not peeling . Don't bring it back cause these guy say it needs to be . That it wouldn't leave ther shop like that come on guys. Just let it go . don't sweet the small stuff. If you can't live with a little speckled tint then I would love to see how clean it is . in other places. There is no perfect tint job .!! So why try to find it . enjoy the heat protection the uv block and the light block and the dirt too. It's just tint that's it . tint .
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